Dog Training: Do It Yourself for Real Results

If your has not received adequate , you could be experiencing a variety of different problems associated with its ownership. These can include excessive barking, destruction and chewing, jumping up or rushing guests or strangers, aggressive behavior toward people or other animals, food aggression or a variety of other serious issues. More basic issues could be difficulties in getting him or her to walk on a leash, come or stay.
When your dog displays any of these behaviors, the feelings that can be caused include severe embarrassment and frustration. These feelings can be overcome by proper dog .
But is not only about training the dog, but instead is about creating an understanding between you and your canine companion. Dog obedience training is as much about the owner as it is about the dog in question.
Your own behavior may be reinforcing bad behaviors that your dog displays. If you are creating inconsistency in your messages, inappropriate hand signals or other body language, using the wrong types of rewards, rewarding poor behavior or disobedience, overusing punishment, and so on, you may be reinforcing the negative behaviors that your dog is showing. Rather than continue to make these mistakes, it is vital that you put some serious consideration into dog .
Luckily, there are a wide variety of self help dog training guides that you can turn to for assistance. Why pay out hundreds if not thousands of dollars for dog training and dog obedience training courses that are led by someone with questionable experience and expertise, when you can teach your dog yourself on a much more personal level?
As it was mentioned before, dog behavior training is actually a joint effort between the dog and the dog owner. So personalized self-help dog training is going to be an improvement over what a public course can offer.
You can easily find self help dog training newsletters, e-books or electronic books, audio tapes and CDs, and even training videos. All of these excellent resources will be powerful in helping you develop proper dog training techniques with your special canine companion.
These dog obedience training guides are usually extremely simple, straight forward and easy for you to follow. The DIY or Do-It-Yourself approach can save you a great deal of both money and time. Not only will it save you money and time, but the DIY approach to dog obedience training will also allow you to monitor your dog's behavior as well as your own.
When it comes to dog training and more specifically dog obedience training, it is vital that you train yourself as much as you train your dog. If you are not learning just as much as your dog is, you are not in the right form of training. Obedience training for dogs is a joint effort that requires you to be in it just as much as your canine friend. This is why personal dog training using self help newsletters, e-books, tapes, CDs and videos is the ideal way to go, if you are looking for dog obedience training that gets results.

Ron Passfield, PhD, was trained by Chow Mein (Pekinese), Peter (Golden Cocker Spaniel) and Bindi & Cindy (Golden Retrievers). For more information on dog obedience training subscribe to Ron's Dog Training Newsletter.
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