Where Can I Find Good Dog Training E-books?

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I am a new dog owner. The name of my dog is “Tunnu” and he is not behaving very well as of now. He bites our bed sheets and tears them off .. will bark in the mid night to spoil our sleep. I am looking for some good dog ebooks which can teach me how to make the dog understand my commands and other things like shake hand and jumps etc.
Any help will be appreciated.

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    • John B,
    • August 11, 2009

    SitStayFetch (a good review for the ebook can be found here: http://www.usfreeads.com/740375-cls.html ) is pretty much the best e-book I’ve found, and it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee as well as lots of other freebies and other stuff tossed in. It’s also got lots of photos and illustrations for key concepts, and is written in a simple, clear fashion.
    Remember, too, that a lot of proper training is going to rest on your shoulders, especially if you’re a new dog owner. Most training fails because of the owner, not the dog, so be prepared to work just as hard (or likely even harder) than your dog will have to work.
    Good luck to you and Tunnu!

    • Alexandr
    • August 11, 2009

    Have you ckecked out http://www.kingdomofpets.com?
    If you want free info, I found http://www.freedogtrainingtips.net to have some good stuff.
    Good luck to you & Tunnu 🙂

    • <3
    • August 11, 2009

    Try getting the book called” Idiots guide to dogs”…
    That book is very good it helped me when I became a first cat dog and parakeet owner…(many varieties of that book)
    Good Luck!!

    • ξBindi§
    • August 11, 2009

    At the current time I have a “quick start” guide ready to go. I’m working on a more thorough book as well.
    Email me and I’ll send it you.

    • Shepherdgirl §
    • August 10, 2009

    Here is website with very good info: http://www.leerburg.com/dogtrainingebook…
    Good Luck!!!

    • Brad Gen
    • August 10, 2009

    Hi ,
    Well why don’t you read this guide , its awesome ,its a really professional training, it will teach you how to train your dog by yourself , http://dogobediencetraining.co.nr ,
    Hope this helps you

    • it's me!!
    • August 10, 2009

    have u tryed amazon.co.uk?? or play.com?? or ebay??? maybe they might have something?? good luc xxx

    • Dev
    • August 10, 2009

    You should check – http://www.schoolingdogs.com/ – It has a no. of books which helps in dog training, agressive dog training, training dogs not to bark and more.
    Better check this page which lists all the products –

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