What Activity Out There Other Than Walking Or Jogging Will Help My Dog Lose Weight And We Can Do It Together?

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My dogs like to run along when I ride my bike. I also have a puppy who loves to go to the park (not the dog park). She loves to slide down the toddler slides and do it over and over and over (obviously you have to be careful of children and your pup leaping off the top of the slide so only use the littlest kids slide). They also love digging in the sand, so I usually bring a handful of treats and bury them for the dogs to find. So when we put these exercises together I come home with a very tired group of dogs.
I’ve can also get my dogs to go on scavenger hunts with me. I put them in their kennels and “trail” a treat (drag it along the floor) to a hiding spot somewhere in the house. I let them out and watch the race to the treat. Once they get good at the indoor search, we go outside and play the game in the yard, so they can really get some running around exercise. When they are able to find the treat I replace it with a few pieces of kibble. I still have to drag the treat to leave a scent trail, but placing the kibble in the hiding spot instead of a treat still gives them a reward, without me worrying about over-treating them. After some practice my pups can find a piece of kibble hidden in our back yard within minutes.
You just have to figure out ’s the most fun for you. You’re dog is going to enjoy spending time with you. You’re going to become dedicated and continue if it’s something that you really enjoy.

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    • CC
    • August 11, 2009

    play ball

    • KelsandD
    • August 11, 2009


    • Buddy28
    • August 11, 2009

    Swim, very good for you and the dog because its low stress on joints.
    biking, hiking,

    • Lindsay
    • August 10, 2009

    Swimming is great exercise if the weather permits.

    • ThatLabG
    • August 10, 2009

    Swimming is actually one of the best exercises! I would wait till it warms up though…
    For now play ball or frisbee or something.

    • korina
    • August 10, 2009

    I have a lab that loves tennis balls. I got one of those “Chuck It” ball throwers and its amazing.
    Dont forget swimming or just doing some training exercises.
    books on training and play stuff on site below

    • Jodi T
    • August 10, 2009

    My beagle was very overweight when we adopted him. We actually have him on a prescribed dog food right now (from petsmart). He gets 1/2 cup in the mornings, and 1/4 cup at night (on vets orders). Along with his meal at night, he gets 1/2 cup of green beans. The green beans help him feel full but are healthy for him and actually contribute to him losing weight. He does get treats in the morning (two breath buster bisquits, and 2 beggin strips). Another thing would be cutting out people food. As for excercising, he has a large backyard that he wanders in. We play in the house a lot and he gets excited and just runs around the house on his own. On this diet, he’s lost about 20 pounds in the past year. I know these aren’t activities, but they should help your dog lose weight hope this helps!
    If you didn’t want to get a prescribed dog food, i would get a dog food that is for weight control.

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