Does Anyone Know Of Any Send-away Dog Training Programs In The Los Angeles Area?

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Similar to the Divine Canine show on . People send their out of contorl pets to a monastery where the monks there who happen to be trainers train the dog for a month and then give your perfectly behaved dog back.

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    • Misa M
    • August 10, 2009

    A myth. Don’t you want to be in control of what happens to your dog?
    Dog trainers are not licensed or governed by any authority that will prevent a board and train facility from using electric shock collars and other forms of cruel punishment. Learning how to train your dog is part of responsible dog ownership.

    • Jbon
    • August 10, 2009

    Watch the Dog Whisperer on the National Geographic channel. The guy is in the LA area.
    Usually the problem is with the human, not the dog…according to him.

    • Masho
    • August 9, 2009

    No, sorry.

    • Heather L
    • August 9, 2009

    Yeah, but if you don’t do what is necessary, the dog will not stay well-behaved.
    If your dog doesn’t behave it is because you are not being a good owner.

    • Lanikai
    • August 9, 2009

    Balcom Canyon in Somis [Ventura County] does a really good job with training/rehabilitating tough behavior issues.

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