Dog Health Paw Problem Can Be Prevented

If your has a , this needs immediate attention to prevent infection and other serious problems. The dog paw problem can cause the beloved pet to become aggressive, sad and depressed. Dogs have gained the status of being a part of the family and need special care. Just like you, their health and happiness matters and only you can supply the care. Causes of the Paw Problem
Look at the bottom of your foot and you will see that a dog's pads are just as soft as your foot. Imagine having a piece of glass suck in your foot. The dog will feel the same pain as you do. Dogs have a third digit bone that appears shorter and accounts for why these are said to have cat feet.
Doberman Pinschers, Giant Schnauzer, Sheep dogs and Akita's all share the cat feet along with many more breeds. Some breeds have feet called hare feet such as Samoyed, Greyhounds and some toy breeds. This paw has center toes longer than the side toes.
The paw absorbs the shock when a dog is running or jumping. When a dog runs, the paw allows for flexibility and is able to bear the weight of the animal. Checking the paws regularly for any type of infection or injury is vital to keeping the problem from becoming an issue. Not only can the infection affect the paws, but the infection if not treated can spread to the rest of the dog's body. Treatment of the Dog Paw
If your dog has a paw injury, you need to clean this area with soap and water and apply an antibiotic cream. If the dog licks the area, wrapping the paw until the antibiotic cream has time to work is needed. Most dogs will take care of minor injuries themselves, but injuries that are more serious require your help and sometime a veterinarian. For more info see on large dog health issues.
Unclipped nails grow out and curl under, which will eventually grow into the pads causing open sores and in some cases, the dog cannot walk due to pain. These nails need clipping down to the pinkish part of the nail, which if clipped will bleed and cause pain to the dog. If the nails have grown long, you need to clip weekly and the pinkish part of the nail will recede until you finally have the nails short enough for comfort. Dog health paw problem issues do not have to be an issue when the dog is properly cared for.
Do not allow the dog to walk on hot sand or blacktop ground during extremely hot days. If you know what it feels like for you, it feels the same for the dog. This can burn their pads and cause a great deal of pain. Slivers of glass or fissile bushes that become embedded in the pads need to be removed with a tweezers just as you would do to yourself. Dog you have hair growing between the pads need to have the hair clipped down to prevent pain when walking. This accounts for Pekinese, Shih-Tzu's, Yorkies and other similar .

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