How Much Would It Cost To Keep A Small Toy Dog?

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I never had a dog before, and I'm interested in buying a , not sure which kind, but ive had my eye on the manchester terrier.
I'd just like to know, how much it per month – so vet shots and medicines? also how much per month for food?
and if anyone has a machestor terrier, how much did u get it for? and where did u buy it?
id prefer not to go to a pet store cuz ive heard aweful stories about them.

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    • Courtney M
    • August 9, 2009

    I would be looking on local pet sites. Going to a pet store is of course optional, but going there is risking a big big bigg vet bill no matter what size the dog. Puppies often come from Puppy Farms, which is a place where the dogs are all in-bred and often get major health problems. Also, look in the next state over, look for breeders on google, and find something near by. Terriers usually cost from 500-900 dollars. When getting the puppy spayed or neutered it costs about 200? I can’t quite remember it’s been about 8 years. Each month for food shouldn’t be too much, maybe 35-45 dollars depending on the brand of food you buy. First vetting the puppy will be somehwta pricey, like the rabies, and all of those shots. Make sure to have a nice honest vet also, sometimes they will suck you into believing something is wrong, just so they can get money.
    Good luck! I’m getting a puppy in the spring (: A wire fox terrier. Thats another breed to look into, gosh they’re adoreable. Anymore questions email me at

    • yinsjess
    • August 9, 2009

    small dogs don’t eat that much and it depends what quality of dog food you want to feed your dog. if you get purina or pedigree @ walmart it’s not that expensive. but i’ll suggest “blue holistic”, it’s all natural dog food, it’s a little more expensive but since you are getting a small dog, one 10 pound bag it’s around $25 but it’ll last for about 3 – 4 months. just take your dog to SPCA/petsmart/petco for cheap vaccine shots, check the internet. but generally each vet visit is about $45 not including additional exams, medications, etc. if you have a healthy dog, you could only spend $20 a month but if he/she gets sick or has health problems, it could get up to thousands of dollars. my 14 yr old yorkie almost died two times, the bill came out to more than $3000. having a dog is a very big responsibility and commitment. please think twice before owing a dog and why don’t you go to local animals shelter and check out the dogs before you buy? some vets offer free first visit + vaccine shots if you adopt from the shelter.
    good luck~~~

    • LindaLS
    • August 9, 2009

    Good for you for not buying from a pet store. You will never know what you get and what those poor dogs go through to breed all those puppies.
    As far as how much a dog cost per month is hard to say. My dogs are small so they don’t eat much. But my older dog has developed cancer and it is costly to treat it. Also the other one is having dental problems as she gets older and that again can be a bit of a pinch on the budget if you aren’t prepared.
    Don’t forget there is more than just food to consider. There is heartworm medicine, flea and tick treatment, oh and if you get a dog with much of a coat there will be grooming to take into consideration.
    Ok you decide on a short hair breed. The nails still need to be clipped, the glands must be cleaned out. My older dog has allergies so I have to be very careful as to what she eats. This didn’t develope until she was around three.
    So getting a dog is very much like having a baby. You just don’t know how much they will cost over a life time.
    But if you really want one, please be committed for the rest of his or her life.
    They are just furbabies and depend on us to take care of them and in return they give us unconditional love.

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