A Case for Dog Training: Refreshed

Editor's Note: We had the pleasure of watching Toni Drugmand and her group of happy, well-trained at an Arizona RV show at the Civic Plaza. Seeing the happy, well behaved dogs, it occurred to us how much more pleasurable it is for boaters, RVers, and anglers to have well-mannered dogs as their “Good Company” on outings around the state. Consequently, we at Sit Means Sit decided to share a bit about our innovative training techniques with our readers.

A Part of the Family

As loyal companions and members of the family, dogs give so much to us and touch us deeply while bringing us comfort and joy. Our pets deserve to have the best we can give them in terms of happiness, freedom, safety and security. Our dogs show happiness when we come home, when we say nice things to them, and especially when we spend time with them. They seem to express sadness when we are gone or get upset, and they even seem to sense when we are not feeling well. It is hard to imagine that dogs really don't know instinctively how to behave in our world. Despite all of the time we spend with our dogs and love we give them, we may not be able to effectively show them how we want them to behave in any given situation. A 's way of communicating, though it shares similar virtues, is very different from ours. We, as owners need to learn how to communicate with our dogs. The Sit Means Sit method is fast, effective and produces a happy, healthy dog. When it comes to training your dog you want to select a method of training that makes sense for you and your family. We understand that the outdoor recreational lifestyle that hikers, campers, horseback riders, boaters, anglers, and RVers love is greatly enhanced when the family pet is able to be a part of the experience. Having a well-mannered pet ensures the pleasure and enjoyment that both dog and owner get to experience together.

Dogs Are Social Critters

Because dogs are naturally social beings, they want to be with us. Often referred to as pack animals, dogs have an instinctive need to be part of a pack or group of other dogs. To ensure survival, dogs in the wild have a very need to have order and boundaries established by the pack. If they don't have these hierarchies and boundaries their ability to survive is weakened. This innate trait makes dogs easily trainable and also provides us with a strong case for why we train dogs- because having order and structure is something the dog naturally needs.

Dogs are amazing animals, but they do not arrive in our homes understanding the rules. No one has told him the mail carrier shouldn't be chased down the block, or Granny should be treated with gentleness and not jumped upon with love, the lovely garden that mother just planted needs to stay earthed, and the sprinklers are not something to be killed. Your dog, with all his creative exploration of behavior options like the counter surfing, chasing cars, chewing your favorite leather shoes and so on, is really just that dog looking for a job, and if she doesn't find one they are sure to create one. Your dog is looking for someone to show him about how things are, to keep him safe, to prepare his meals and most importantly, someone to spend time with them. All he really wants to know is what are the boundaries and rules. Dogs of all types, temperaments, and breeds will behave in this manner without a strong base of training and discipline from their owner.

Innovative Training Methods

Training a dog gives your canine friend a job and helps him understand what his boundaries are while providing him with a sense of safety and security, and it allows both of you to enjoy the freedom that comes from hard work and good training. Our training here at Sit Means Sit Training uses the No Limitations system of developed by Fred Hassen. This approach utilizes an electronic dog training collar ( .sitmeanssit.com). This collar allows us to train our dogs in a very effective, quick, and gentle manner because of the instant communication we are able to share with our dog. Our clients all receive a free training demonstration so they can see the initial response of their dogs first-hand. We demonstrate the training method in the face of all of the normal distractions that occur in the real world and allow you to see how your dog responds to our training with the collar.

Because many people are new to the electronic dog training collar, we ask our clients to feel the collar in operation. Many clients tell us that the pulse feels like a Tens Unit, or like other electronic pulse treatments used by physical therapists, chiropractors, and other medical professionals. In fact, in a conversation with a Tens Unit Sales representative, I was told that our remote were not as strong as the feel of the portable Tens Unit he was selling. Innovation has always brought about controversy, and the idea of using a collar that promotes an electronic pulse can be an emotionally loaded and controversial subject for some. The controversy however, should pale, in comparison, to the results of our training method. Seeing your dog happy, confident, obedient and safe is a great result.

Making the Right Training Decision

One of the first questions a person new to dog training asks is, “Where do I start?” We know that with so many training methods available it can be overwhelming to find the best possible training method. Fred Hassen's innovative method using the remote electronic dog collar combined with traditional techniques produces fast results. You will be able to communicate effectively with your dog, eliminating the frustration of a difficult and disobedient dog.

At Sit Means Sit, our hands-on approach means that we evaluate your dog as an individual. Remember the safety and security of knowing that your dog is trained and able to face any situation with confidence will go a long way to help ensure a memorable and relaxing time on your outdoor adventure. If you are interested in a free training demonstration by a Sit Means Sit professional dog trainer please visit our website to find a location near you!

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