Necessary to Dog Training: Positive Reinforcement


Necessary To : Positive Reinforcement

Recent studies have shown that the commonly used method of negative reinforcement dog training is not only an effective in improving , it can be harmful to both the dog and dog owner. Positive reinforcement not only promotes a well behaved, and less aggressive dog, it also increases the speed at which a dog learns. This is an important lesson in learning a dog.  It shortens the time of your dog training, and you will have a obedience and well behaved dog sooner rather than later.

The basics of positive reinforcement are that you reward your dog for good behavior and ignore its bad behavior. It is important not to punish, harm, or neglect your dog’s bad behavior. You simply ignore it. When the dog realizes that it is rewarded and treated better for good behavior, it will focus on exhibiting that type of behavior. Understand that the dog does not do this to make you happy, it does this because when it exhibits a behavior that gets rewarded, it is treated well, and it makes the dog its self happier. Contrary to popular belief, dogs are actually very self-absorbed!

Keep in mind when handing out rewards, they need to be both meaningful to the dog, and they need to be handed out in a very precise manner. If the reward is given at an incorrect time, the dog can become confused as to which behavior caused the reward. This can slow down dog training, and can cause the dog to exhibit behavior that you do not find .

If the dog is rewarded with treats and praise that it does not find meaningful, it will also become confused and will not exhibit the behaviors that you intend. Throughout your ownership of the dog, focus on learning which praise, which rewards, and which treats the dog responds best to. When giving the dog or reward for good behavior, scale the reward based off of how good the behavior is and what the dog likes best. For an extremely good behavior, give the dog it’s favorite treat. For a less important behavior trait, give the dog a type of praise that it considers less important.

Following these simple guidelines will help to improve your experience of dog training. This will help you to your dog faster, and it will help your dog to better understand which behaviors are valuable. Although this just touches on a few of the most important parts of dog training, it is important that you obtain a complete training manual before continuing your dog training. Many training manuals, like the ones found at, are put together by professional dog trainers. These contain years and years of expertise and fine tuning the best techniques for effective dog training. Good luck in your dog training endeavors. With correct research, you’re sure to have a well behaved and obedient dog.


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