Dog-human cooperation is based on social skills of wolves, scientists show

are man’s best friend and partner. The origins of this dog-human relationship were subject of a study by behavioural from the Messerli Research Institute at the and the Wolf Science Center. They showed that the ancestors of , the wolves, are at least as attentive to members of their species and to humans as dogs are. This social skill did not emerge during , as has been suggested previously, but was already present in wolves.

The researchers have published a summary of their results and present their new theory in the journal Frontiers in Psychology.

Commonly accepted domestication hypotheses suggest: “ have become tolerant and attentive as a result of humans actively selecting for these skills during the domestication process in order to make dogs cooperative partners.”

and Zsófia Virányi from the Unit of Comparative Cognition at the Messerli Research Institute question the validity of this view and have developed the “Canine Hypothesis.” Their hypothesis states that since wolves already are tolerant, attentive and cooperative, the relationship of wolves to their pack mates could have provided the basis for today’s human-dog relationship. An additional selection, at least for social attentiveness and tolerance, was not necessary during canine domestication.

accept humans as

The researchers believe that wolves are not less socially attentive than dogs. however cooperate more easily with humans because they more readily accept people as social partners and more easily lose their fear of humans. To test their hypothesis, Range and Virányi examined the social attentiveness and tolerance of wolves and dogs within their packs and toward humans.

Wolf performance in tests at least as good as

Various behavioural tests showed that wolves and have quite similar . Among other things, the researchers tested how well wolves and dogs can find food that has been hidden by a conspecific or by a human. Both wolves and dogs used information provided by a human to find the hidden food.

In another study, they showed that wolves followed the gaze of humans. To solve the task, the animals may need to be capable of making a mental representation of the “looker’s” perspective. Wolves can do this quite well.

Another experiment gave dogs and wolves the chance to observe conspecifics as they opened a box. When it was the observer’s turn to do the same, the wolves proved to be the better imitators, successfully opening the box more often than dogs. “Overall, the tests showed that wolves are very attentive to humans and to each other. Hypotheses which claim that wolves have limited social skills in this respect in comparison to dogs are therefore incorrect,” Range points out.

Testing dogs and wolves in packs

At the Wolf

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Dogs News — Sciencedaily

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    • Jo. Unrau
    • January 20, 2015

    It depends on the dog & where you live. When we lived in Manitoba & took
    our Chihuahua out in winter without booties he’d sit on his butt, try to
    hold all his feet off the ground & cry. He had to be bundled up & have
    booties. Now we live on the west coast, have Malty Tzu, no booties, just
    sweater or jacket in winter, or raincoat when raining.

    • Kaya Cross
    • January 20, 2015

    Why do people think it’s animal cruelty? It’s not. Those were designed for
    dogs to were so they don’t get dirty or wet and when the sidewalk Is hot we
    have to were shoes but dogs are just gonna burn? That’s animal cruelty. If
    you look it up it’s many clothes ment for dogs and it doesn’t hurt them at
    all. Some of them actually like it. 

    • Mercèdesse F.Bédard
    • January 20, 2015

    To all of you who are saying that this is cruelty, you are wrong. Cruelty
    is letting a dog get his paws burn up on hot burning asphalt in the summer.
    Cruelty is letting a dog get his paws frozen up, in the winter, to a point
    where the dog needs his paws to be cut off. THAT is cruelty. These boots
    are protection against those elements, especially for small dogs like
    chihuahuas. And even dogs who love hiking/walking a long distance. Boots
    are perfect for them: they can walk on branches, pointy rocks, everything
    you can find on a hiking trail. They won’t get hurt. Why are they walking
    funny, you may ask? Because they don’t feel the ground, because it’s the
    first time they try those boots. After 5 minutes, they get used to it. 

    • Oran Harold
    • January 20, 2015

    People do realize that for about 9/10 of the people who put booties on
    their dogs is because they live in cold and snowy areas where snow and ice
    can get trapped in their paws causing them to suffer.

    In most cases it’s like cold medicine, you may not like it but it’s good.
    In most cases.

    • Biggest Troll on Youtube!
    • January 20, 2015

    They look so fucking umcomfortable. People should never make these shitty
    ugly ass shoes for dogs again lol

    • What's a good display name?
    • January 20, 2015

    This is racist

    • ill minded Smiles
    • January 20, 2015

    lol its so stupid people thinking that the dog likes being put in human
    clothes. lets also bring shock callers into this, its more humane to taze
    your dog then to spank it. and just to get a bunch of ppl mad catching wild
    or stray dog “from the wood/forest/or just nature” to be put in a cage is
    an animals dream “from freedom to a cage or a house pet” lol i ppl are so
    dumb. sorry just ranting this video is not animal cruelty its just not a
    animals dream though if u wanna be a good pet owner dont use a shock caller
    , dont beat ur pet , and spend time with it at least once a day

    • Csillag Szabados
    • January 20, 2015

    Dogs Try Booties For The First Time:

    • Grunger 182
    • January 20, 2015

    OMG!I’m a vegetarian,I love animals and I support PETA.However,this is NOT
    animal cruelty…They need “booties” to not “catch a cold” in winter,

    • Jack Gapper
    • January 20, 2015

    Those shoes look so fucking ugly. Who in their right minds would send their
    dogs out looking like this? only idiots, and buzzfeed, why are you always
    stealing AVF videos? can’t you guys be creative for a change?

    • Haziqhalien
    • January 20, 2015

    This is animal cruelty. A dog was never made to wear those ridiculous

    • cadytutow
    • January 20, 2015

    It’s not funny…its just cruel. the dogs obviously don’t like it.

    • Håkon Bjerkestrand
    • January 20, 2015

    Dogs + Booties(or something on their feet) = Torture for them.

    • January 20, 2015


    • Sebastian Brentsworth
    • January 20, 2015

    Animal cruelty! 

    • 323Felicity
    • January 20, 2015

    A dog with boots is about as cruel as a man wearing high heels. They just
    aren’t used to walking in them is all.

    • Immajeanyus
    • January 20, 2015

    This is animal cruelty! Uggs are already ridiculously uggly and now we’re
    giving these eye sores to dogs?

    • Colorison
    • January 20, 2015

    I love how everyone is all like, “OMG ANIMAL CRULETY PETA CALLGIN1!!1!11!”
    like… wot. They are putting sized appropriate shoes on these animals,
    thus calling them “booties”. No, it does not cut off their circulation and
    break their foot, it just removes their usual walking pattern and they flop
    around, no cruelty. These animals are not getting hurt, their feet are just
    different along with the walking pattern. The dog won’t get hurt, just
    really confused.. because, well, they’re animals and do not know much about
    us humans, so please, stop being ignorant, will you? Your mother is ashamed
    of how little you learned from what she taught you your whole life.

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