Dog Diarrhea

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Diarrhea can, and chances are will come to every dog you ever have in your lifetime and is a very common type of illness to have but in most cases is nothing serious and is not a cause to worry.

Lots of things can cause diarrhea in your dog and although on most cases the vet need not be contacted if it persists or becomes uncontrollable by your dog then it may need a better examination and diagnosis to prescribe the correct medicine.

Diarrhea is more common in puppies due to their immune system not being as as a dog’s immune system yet but is also very common. Situations which cause diarrhea can be anything from a change in surroundings, worms, or conccidia, to a virus or pest your dog has caught.

A change in diet or food may have triggered the illness and it should be looked into to stop it happening again, are very vulnerable to changes and it can affect them in many ways. Being over excited or having stressful days along with other emotional changes may bring this problem.

It is always important to look after your dog well while they are suffering this illness, puppies and dogs will get dehydrated in these times and you need to make sure they have enough fluids to stop further illness.

While your dog has diarrhea they become weaker due to low body weight and not getting sufficient vitamins so their immune systems lower making it easier to catch other viruses and illnesses.

Keep a close eye on your dog when they have diarrhea and if you have fears of it being anything but a common diarrhea cause then seek a vet or professional for advice. There are plenty of advice leaflets and informational sheets around in pet shops and dog care specialist places, as long as you are aware of your dog’s problem and are aware of these facts you should be in good shape.

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