How Much Is Home Dog/puppy Training?

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I'm thinking about getting a . How much does it usually cost? I know it depends and the price varies, but what does it generally cost?
I'm thinking about getting a trainer from barkbusters. Anyone heard of them? Are they successful at what they do? Also, in general, do these ( training) lessons pay off. That is, are they even worth it/ beneficial?
If it helps at all, I live in California.

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    • $arah !
    • August 4, 2009

    well if i was you id do a obedience class that way your training your dog and not some stranger i think hands on is alot better for you and the dog plus you get socialize your dog will be alot more dog/people friendly…now if theres a real big problem you cant solve your self then call a personal dog trainer…at a pet store the classes will cost around $100

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