How Do I Go About Desining My Own Dog Toy?

A Reader Asks…

I have a couple good ideas for dog toys but I have no idea how to make them and get them made. Any suggestions?

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    • Stephunn
    • August 3, 2009

    First….and foremost….before you call the “desining” place…don’t let them be privy to the fact that you can’t spell “designing”
    Then go from there….I would go to google…and type “dog toy design” and see if something pops up.
    Sorry…but spelling is SO important and it doesn’t seem to be with people anymore. I would want someone to correct me if I was going to go and speak to a company about a product you are trying to sell…the more educated you seem, the more they’ll listen. I’m not trying to be rude….just helpful! :o) Good luck!

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