Dog Behavior Training – the Sit Command

is the most popular and most used dog training command in the dog behaviour training world, and for good reason, the ‘sit’ command is the first command most learn and is the basis for all other commands to be built upon.

Your dog should be taught the ‘sit’ command as soon as possible. It is the first step in obedience for your dog and should be taught as soon as your dog is comfortable with his/her name being called and is responding well to it.

So when is the best time to teach your dog this command? The timing is crucial for training your dog, once your dog is fairly comfortable with the command, it’s not a bad idea to practise often without care to other circumstances but to begin with timing and your dog’s frame of mind are very important.

You dog will respond best to your dog training methods before meals or when your dog is hungry, when your dog wants something he will be a lot more tolerable to train. Make sure you always reward your dog for doing well, as soon as they’re doing what they’re supposed to, reward them there and then, making your dog wait around will confuse your dog and make them more disobedient in the long run.

Now you know the basics of what to do and what not to do and when to do it, its time for the actual training. Before you start be sure you have treats ready for your dog when he performs well, start in a quiet room or place where your dogs attention won’t be distracted and make sure your dog knows you have treats to reward them with. Use the treat to hold above his head, slowly moving it directly above their head. In doing this, your dog should naturally fall back into the sitting position by bending their legs to keep track of the treat above. As soon as your dog’s rear touches the ground, reward them with lots of praise and the treat you used.

This may take several days or even weeks before your dog is completely comfortable with this exercise, if your dog refuses to be calm and stay in one place while you do the exercise, try using any of the discipline procedures at

Getting angry with your dog during these exercises will not help the situation and it is always best to take time out if your feeling stressed or annoyed because your dog will sense these feelings and won’t want to cooperate even more.

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