Dog Training – Ear Infections

are common in and other pets alike, these infections can be caused by numerous situations and causes but as your pet relies heavily on their hearing it can be extremely annoying for them as well as soar and painful.

The shape of a 's inner ear is the cause for many of the different ear infections due to it being able to collect moisture from playing around water or in rain, ear wax, dirt and unclean debris, and unwanted parasites.

To identify and determine whether your dog has an or ear related condition, you will have to study your dog's behaviour. Common ear infection activities include, rubbing their heads and ears against objects in your house like sofas and tables in order to stop the irritating ear, tilting of the head, and a red looking, soar, foul smelling ear with possible discharge.

To start you should take your pet to a vet to properly diagnose the infection that has occurred they will then probably issue you with medication or need to have the dog sedated in order to clean out the foreign debris. This process can be a difficult one for a vet and may have complications in finding the correct medication.

Dog ear infections that are diagnosed correctly can more than likely be cured, but taking your dog to the vet is crucial, without this step you will be putting your dog through more pain and it will take longer to become better.

To give your dog the prescribed medication you will need to raise the dog's ear and apply the medication to the vertical part of the ear so it can seep down into the correct area of the dog's ear. Then holding the base of the ear flap with your finger and thumb massage the ear canal and you will hear a squishing sound to note that the medication is in the correct area, then clean the outside and around the ear with alcohol to stop further dirt from getting into the ear to complete the process.

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