Dog Fighting – Illegal Activity Questions Okay To Post?

A Reader Asks…

Apparently these boards are totally unmoderated.
If not, why the heck do they continue to allow people to about taking their into fights?
Do they allow people to post about other ?

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    • ALAN P
    • August 5, 2009

    That’s disgusting and anyone who would support these postings is just as disgusting. You should report everyone you see.

    • August 5, 2009

    Idk but dog fights are terrible and people should not be supported by letting them post these questions .

    • BYBs cause suffering and death
    • August 4, 2009

    I always report questions like that when I see them. I also report seriously offensive/obscene question and all advertising and spam.
    There must also be a way to get someone banned, because one of our best and most entertaining members gets banned repeatedly because she’s *very* blunt with the idiots. But she just keeps coming back under a new ID.

    • piphop
    • August 4, 2009

    For real! Can people post questions about where to buy drugs too? I report them when I encounter them but not sure what good it does. What kind of sickos get off by watching precious puppies maul each other. I am a firm believer that pedophiles and people who are cruel to animals should be exterminated!!!

    • brindle
    • August 4, 2009

    i report them every time. i’m not sure about other topics, but i would imagine if they get enough flags, they’ll shut those accounts down.
    i don’t report people for expressing their opinions (like calling someone an a*s that is silly)
    if you hit the flag, Jennifer T, you can report them.

    • Jennifer T
    • August 4, 2009

    Because one babbling idiot has nothing intelligent to do. If you look they are all from one handle.
    You can report them? How? If enough of us do, maybe dumb@$$ will have to go away.

    • ♥Golden gal♥
    • August 4, 2009

    This isn’t AOL by any means. If your see a question or answer you feel should be deleted then report it as abusive. I honestly feel since school is out for the summer these question will pop up alot more often.
    The kids get a kick out of getting a rise out of the people here and then just think about another absurd question to ask.
    It’s a bit harder to catch all the questions now and it will slow down again in the fall.
    Stick with us!

    • I ♥ Pie
    • August 3, 2009

    Omg they do? That’s horrible, there people need to be tracked down and prosecuted. Or at least kicked off! I would be angry if they werent allowed to talk about other illegal activities because dog fighting is one of the worst in my opinion.

    • bongster
    • August 3, 2009

    While I do not believe in any type of fighting,
    dog, rooster, and human boxing, in some countries
    it is legal, look at bullfighting in Mexico, and Spain.
    censorship of any kind is not good.

    • Ani
    • August 3, 2009

    I don’t think they are moderated by people from Yahoo.
    I think the only moderaters are the people who click the “report abuse” link.
    I was reported myself a week ago because I called a guy an a**.
    I just got a violation notice and my post was removed. The violation notice didn’t say anything about if I got a certain number of violations I would be banned or they would delete my account.
    I sincerly apologize to anyone I may have offended by calling that guy the name I did.

    • kitamons
    • August 3, 2009

    When you see something like that, then click the report abuse box . I agree with you. Dog fighting is insane and cruel and the proper authorities need to be contacted.

    • disgusti
    • August 3, 2009

    AMEN brother!!!!!

    • trickste
    • August 3, 2009

    Trolls. They have nothing better to do with their sad little lives then stir up trouble. Ignoring them and reporting them is best.

    • bluebonn
    • August 3, 2009

    I never realized how wide spread this activity was until I started reading some of these posts. I live in New Mexico & the majority of the Pits are used by Mexicans, it is in their culture as is c o c k (rooster) fighting & bull fighting.
    It wasn’t until this year that they banned, outlawed, forbidden ect c o c k fighting. It was consider cruelity to animals but it wasn’t against the law to fight them (unless they got caught in the act).
    I never knew it reached into the inter cities back east. I thought it was pretty much a Mexican thing. I guess I have a lot to learn.
    Here the Hispanic majority has very strong ties to Mexico & their culture & every little punk being drug down the road is being pulled by a little Pitt. Sad, huh?

    • mmc0330
    • August 3, 2009

    If you dont like what you’re reading just go to the next question

    • Shepherdgirl §
    • August 3, 2009

    Report them when you see those types of questions. There are a lot of questions and I don’t think that all the questions can be moderated so it helps to report them. That will get them removed.
    You can really tell school is out by some of the ridiculous questions that are asked. I guess some kids get a kick out of riling people up.

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