Does Anyone Know Of A Good Dog Training Class In The Horfield/filton Area Of Bristol?

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I have just adopted a second and would like to find a good class to take both of them to. I live in Horfield, so anything close to there would be great. Thanks.

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    • Katie C
    • August 3, 2009

    Usually big petstore chains offer dog training classes. Example — PetSmart

    • John Smith
    • August 3, 2009

    Hey there kim ,
    you could actually save alot of money
    This is a very comprehensive dog training guide written by daniel stevens.
    good luck

    • AbbieBor
    • August 3, 2009

    Just google your area, I found some near Northumberland by this. I’m sure you can check the Yellow Pages too.
    EDIT: You can get recommendations online by looking at clubs and trainers, you can get an idea of the places in the yellow pages. It’s called using your intuitive.

    • ChocLabr
    • August 3, 2009

    The association of pet dog trainers is an organisation which was set up by the late John Fisher, he wanted to help owners obtain up to date kind and effective training methods. There are many training classes and clubs which are using ineffective methods which can do more harm than good.
    Take a look at the APDT website, they have a list of trainers and some useful advice in how to choose a training class etc…
    Take care when choosing a class, visit without your dog initially to watch and discover what qualifications the trainers have

    • JRenee
    • August 3, 2009

    I have attempted to train my dog 3 times in the last 3 years.
    Pet Smart, and two private trainers. Nothing worked!
    My dog, Barley is overall a great dog. He is a Wheaton Terrier. There were just a few problems that we have been unsuccessfully working on such as him bolting out the door if it’s open and by the way he is faster than a speeding bullet!
    Also, he would love to jump up on everyone that he gets within a foot of.
    I finally stumbled across the Secrets To Dog Training! This really was amazing! This was something I did at my own pace. Although Barley’s main issues are no longer issues, I still apply the techniques that I learned from Secrets to Dog Training almost everyday.
    You’ll find Secrets to Dog Training to be the easiest system to follow on the market today for learning how to train your dog and change its behavior. It is jam-packed with information, including:
    A comprehensive book that teaches you how to solve over 25 dog behavior problems including numerous photos and step by step instructions at over (at over 260 pages, this is your essential reference).
    A 30-minute downloadable video puts you right in the picture with real-life examples of how YOU can become the top dog and stay the top dog! Plus… also covered are sure-fire house training methods and how to stop your dog pulling on the leash.
    Real-life case studies
    The best dog training techniques
    Unlimited dog behavior consultations with the Secrets to Dog Training team
    Loads of photos that will boost your learning AND step-by-step instructions… all within one instantly downloadable package.
    Secrets to Dog Training will teach you how to train your dog like a professional trainer , so you can have your dog obey you no matter what the situation and solve any specific problems that you may have with your dog – this is truly cutting-edge material!
    Whether your dog is a puppy or an adult, it doesn’t matter, The video will show you how in minutes a day, you can transform your dog’s behavior. The information and techniques apply to all breeds and all ages of dogs.
    Forget hiring a professional dog trainer. I spent over $300 combined with Pet Smart, and two professional trainers…..So if I can give you any advice at all…CLICK THE SOURCE LINK BELOW and….Save hundreds of dollars and learn how to effectively train your own dog in just minutes a day. It will be most rewarding experience of all.
    I hope this helps.

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