Can Someone Help Me Find The Perfect Dog Toy For My Chihuahuas?

A Reader Asks…

My chihuahuas' never last! We get them toys like ropes and loofa , but an hour or two later, these brand new toys' stuffing is all over the place! I tried giving them , but they take no interest to them.
Is there a out there that would last long through constant chewing and abuse, but is also soft and “indistructable”?

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    • gincothe
    • August 3, 2009

    small kongs!

    • moovet19
    • August 3, 2009

    Try the dog toys made by fat cat. They are available online and at many pet stores. They are fabric, but even my adult bulldog has not managed to destroy his fat cat.

    • winterce
    • August 3, 2009

    I think they’d like a treat ball or Kong. You can fill them with dog treats and they have to try and get them out. I have a few Kongs and a treat ball and none of them have been destroyed yet.One of the Kongs is over three years old and it’s still in one piece. They keep the dog’s intrest too if they’re filled with food so they rarely get bored.

    • joyce c
    • August 2, 2009

    I raise chihuahuas and have found that nothing works better then stuffed animals. Most will take a good beating then can be put in the washer for the next go round. Chihuahuas need hard things to chew on to help them lose their baby teeth or they sometimes will get two teeth in same spot. Pig ears are not real hard and don’t last real long, but I haven’t seen a dog yet that does not like them.

    • Stacey S.
    • August 2, 2009

    Try “Tuffies Dog Brand Toys” they arent made of rubber, but material, they are pretty strong.. they squeak also, but not so loud. i think it will be great for your chihuahua’s 🙂
    You can google it in the images and see what they look like.

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