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Dog ticks are another one of those terrible little pests that can really irritate your dog during the summer or warmer months of the year, theses creatures hid in grass and other surfaces and insert themselves within your dog’s skin in order to live off your dog’s warm blood.

Ticks are especially bad for carrying diseases and enjoy and can survive in the nice warm heat of your home, ticks get carried into the home on pets and preferably and once they have had their feed, fall off and seek cover in a safe area out of site which makes theses pests hard to find and get rid of.

A tick’s life can be up to around 2 years long, and within that time the tick can live on 2-3 hosts to maintain its feeding habit, this feeding habit only happens at certain times of the year around august to November.

Ticks are a fast growing arachnid that lives and are born on long grassy areas, and climb to the top of leaves and grass to wait for a host to feed off and survive off, theses arachnids can live off many different animals and not just dogs, theses commonly include humans, birds, and mice. Ticks get and carry diseases from theses other animals and can spread them to their next host which may be your dog.

During the summer months it is important to check your dog regularly by running your hands through the dog’s fur and coat to check for small lumps, some pressure is needed to detect these pests and it is wise to check thoroughly every day during the hotter months.

If you detect a lump or suspicious area then you should part the hair or fur to investigate further, you should be able to see a brown tick digging beneath the skin if there is one there. Popular areas to find ticks is in places that do not have much fur for the tick to climb through, these include the face, paws and behind and around the ears.

If you detect a tick, you should notify and take advice from your vet or a professional; if you remove the tick yourself you may leave part of the tick still within your dog’s skin which will be irritating for the dog.

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