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is a big issue for your dog and getting it wrong can cause your dog to be grumpy, aggravated more easily, and in a worse state of health than if they sleep in a more adequate place, but what is perfect sleeping conditions for your dog?

Much research has been done on the way dogs sleep and what they find more comfortable and where it is best for it to be, but in this article we will only cut out the uninteresting bits and give you the best requirements for your dog.

Your dog will sleep an average of 11-12 hours a day, and as they get older that number will increase more because older dogs need more time to regain their energy back. If your dog isn't getting enough sleep it may be because you're not doing one of the following requirements of a dogs sleeping comfort.

To begin, the chosen area needs to be well away from drafts and doorways which could cause drafts and cold air to circulate around your dog, if your dog is cold any muscle and joint pains they have will worsen and make it hard for your dog to sleep.

For padding, you should ensure a really soft space that will help to support the body fully. Use a cushion or lots of blankets to make the padding, to again help any aching joint and give maximum support and to your dog.

The last issue is the placing of your dogs bed, dogs need to be easily accessible for the family to care for them, but they don't like to have their routines broken all the time so keeping the dog bed in the same place is essential to keep you dog happy, if the dog bed is always moved it will cause them to be uncomfortable in their new surroundings and be overly aware of unfamiliar noises.

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