How Much Should I Charge For Dog-training And Sitter?

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I'm an experienced trainer (I've fully trained my three , as well as several of my friends dogs which included a pitbull, rottweiler, and german sheperd) and needing some extra cash for how everything is so expensive these days, I want to take up a part-time job of dog- and sitting. How I charge? What would you pay for a trainer? By the way, I'm 17 1/2.

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    • lolly
    • August 1, 2009

    Just because you have experience, doesnt mean that you can charge people. Different states have different laws and id check into that before charging. You may have to report your earnings and pay taxes. You really should have some sort of professional training and a certificate to show people. Helping your friends is different from helping a stranger. I do overnight house sitting/dog sitting and I charge 25$ a night.

    • Independent Laydee
    • August 1, 2009

    For the first few customers, go low (like $10-$15, no more then $20) just so that you can get experienced even more. When you’ve trained a few customers dogs till they are satisfied, use them are recommendations and go higher. Of course, I wouldn’t pay no more then $50 for a person trainer.

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