Dog Activity Quiz… ?

A Reader Asks…

I'll give you a of a activity, and you tell me what activity/dog breed/s are there. For every dog/activity you get right, I'll give you one point. Person with the most points at the end wins. Total of 23 points up for grabs. No dog breeds/activities are repeated.
1.… (2)
2.… (2)
3.… (2)
4.… (2)
5.… (4)
6.… (2)
7.… (3)
8.… (2)
9.… (2)
10.… (2)
Please star it if you liked it. Thanks, and good luck! = )

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    • ~*Linz*~ loves her Kalli
    • August 2, 2009

    Good question.. I’m looking forward to the answers cuz I don’t have a clue! 😀

    • Pomi Momi♡
    • August 2, 2009

    Agility triple bar hurdle ~ Papillon
    Flyball ~ Border collie
    Schutzhund ~ German Shepard
    Herding ~ Welsh Corgi
    Water Retrieval ~ Hound group
    Rally Obedience ~ Spaniel group
    Freestyle (dancing) ~ Australian Shepard
    Showing ~ Great Pyrenees
    Coursing ~ Afghan hound
    Team Jumping ~ Pit bull

    • Kip's Mom *** ***
    • August 2, 2009

    1. Agility
    2. Flyball
    3. Schutzhund
    4. Herding
    5. Retriever trials
    6. Rally-O
    7. Freestyle, aka heeling to music
    8. Conformation
    9. Lure coursing
    10. Dock jumping
    Add: oops, forgot the breeds. Oh well!

    • dogsbest
    • August 2, 2009

    1. Pappillon-agility
    2. Border Collie- flyball
    3. Shepherd-open obedience
    5.Lab (different breeds there) water retrieve
    6.Spaniel- Novice Obedience (off leash)
    7. Austrialian Shep- Freestyle
    8 Great Pyr.- conformation
    9Saluki-lure coursing
    10. Pit – Dock

    • prettypa
    • August 2, 2009

    1. Agility/pappillon
    2.Flyball/border collie
    3.shuntzund/german shepherd
    5.water retrieval/vizsla-
    6.rally obedience/gordon setter
    7.dancing/australian shepherd
    8.conformation showing/great pyreneas
    9.lure coursing/saluki
    10.looks like dock jumping (distance)/american pit bull terrier

    • Runs with Scissors
    • August 2, 2009

    1.) Agility- Pappillon
    2.) Flyball- Border Collie
    3.) Shutzhund- GSD
    4.) Herding- Pembroke Welsh Corgi
    5.) Retrieving (field trials?)- looks like a Viszla with the duck
    6.) Obedience- Gordon Setter?
    7.) Freestyle- *real* Australian Shepherd
    8.) Conformation- Great Pyr (what a hairdo on the handler!)
    9.) Lure coursing- Saluki- (never seen a dumb bell used for it, though.)
    10.) Dock Diving- APBT or an Am. Staff.

    • ♥shelter puppies rule♥
    • August 1, 2009

    1. agility
    2. flyball
    border collie
    3. um. strength training (haha)
    german shepherd
    4.. sheep herding
    5. duck retrieving…
    short haired pointer
    weinerwamer(sp off i know)
    ok that’s all i can guess
    6. obedience
    Afghan hound
    7. cow girling..
    Australian shepherd
    8. show dog?
    9. no clue to either
    10. pit bull!!!!!!!!!
    water jump test thing..

    • Love is ANIMAL♥
    • August 1, 2009

    1. Obedience training, Papalion.
    2. Border Collie
    3. Link wont open.
    4. Herding, Welsh Corgi
    5. Field trials, Vizla, Pointer
    6. Cocker Spaniel
    7. Aussie, dont know, but it looks like the dog is dancing
    8. Great Pyrenees, Show ring
    9. Coursing, Afghan Hound
    10. APBT, NO IDEA

    • ♫ fat bastard zomfg crazies
    • August 1, 2009

    1. Agility, Papillon
    2. Flyball, Border Collie
    3. Schutzhund, GSD
    4. Herding, Pem Welsh Corgi
    5. Retrieving, Vizsla
    6. I don’t know, Gordon Setter
    7. Dancing, Australian Shepherd
    8. Showing, Great Pyrenees
    9. Coursing, Saluki
    10. Jumping, American Staffordshire Terrier
    Probably got most of the activities wrong. |:

    • Monica M.
    • August 1, 2009

    1 agility… pomeranian??
    2 agility, border collie
    3 the site wouldn’t open. =(
    4. herding, welsh corgie
    5 retrieving…. hound….??
    6 obedience…. spaniel
    7 hmmm…. australian shephard
    8 showing great pyrenees
    9 hmmm….. afgahn hound. (sorry, i can’t spell. )
    10 no idea…. pitt bull.
    haha, that was really fun!!! I hope i did well!!

    • Judgerz
    • August 1, 2009

    1. Papillion, agility
    2. Border collie, agh I don’t know the name but they go over a small obstacle course to get a tennis ball
    3. Image doesn’t work
    4. Herding, Pembroke Welsh Corgi
    5. Which dog? Looks like they’re retrieving fowl
    6. English setter, dunno 🙂
    7. Australian Shepherd, freestyle?
    8. Great Pyrenees, show
    9. Saluki, racing (some kind lol)
    10. American Staffordshire Terrier, dunno

    • BYBS sell deformed puppies
    • August 1, 2009

    1. pappillon doing agility
    2. border collie doing flyball
    3. German Shepherd.. shutzhund (sp?)
    4. corgi doing herding
    5. Vizsla retrieving.. it looks like the other breeds are german shorthaired pointer and spinone..
    6. Gordon setter.. looks like he is heeling off-leash?
    7. Austrailian Shepherd.. freestyle dancing.. competetive dancing? creative dancing?
    8. Great Pyrenese conformation showing
    9. Saluki lure coursing
    10. Pit bull terrier or Am Staff.. I forget what the activity is called.. dock jumping? dock diving?

    • damselch
    • August 1, 2009

    1.) papillion – agility
    2.)Border Collie – Flyball
    3.) German Shepherd – obedience phase of shutzchen
    4.) Corgi (can’t see the tail so I can’t tell you which) – Herding
    5.) German Short Hair Pointer, Visulas, Wirehaired pointer, Spinone – field trial I count 4 different dogs there (do wire hairs get lumped together with smoooth coats? If the shaggy white one isn’t a spinone italiano than Clumber Spaniel?
    6.)Gordon Setter – Obedience/Freestyle heel work.
    7.) Aussie – Musical Freestyle/Musical Dog Sport/Dancing
    8.)Great Pyreness – Conformation
    9>) Saluki – lure coursing
    10.) APBT or Am staff – dock jumping

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