How To Modify A Dog Toy To Into A Bird Perch?

A Reader Asks…

i was recently in a and i saw this dog toy (rope for tug of war, and looks just like a real rope form the ) and i was wondering is the anyway i can that a perch? I’m not sure how to attach the rope to the cage so the can go on it. (i can’t really put a screw in the rope because its made out of rope and the screw wouldn’t do anthing) So is there anything i can add(or something) to the rope to make it like the rope perches at a ?
Thanks for your help ?

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  1. Could you run a small dowl rod through it?

    • Karateki
    • August 1, 2009

    well it may be a better if you get an actual perch for the store. it may be dangerious to the bird, using the dog one. but if you want to use it, you could hot glue gun the ends to the metal wires. this should hold it.

    • allip87
    • August 1, 2009

    You’re better off just buying a bird perch from the pet store. First of all, for the bird’s safety. Dog toys are made with looser fibers and your bird could get caught it in and have a serious problem. Also, by modifying it, you would be adding things to it that may not be good for a bird. Second of all, bird pirches are not that expensive and they are made just for that-bird perches. They already have the attachments for the cage and they’re not treated with anything that can be harmful to your bird.

    • robyn c
    • August 1, 2009

    I use those all the time. they are so much cheaper. if it is frayed at the ends then I just tie several knots around the bars across the corner of the cage. sometimes I pull the bars apart a little and push the knot through it in on each side so that the knot is on the outside of the cage and the rope goes across the corner of the cage. They love to play with the ends also.

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