What Should I Name My Dog Training Service?

A Reader Asks…

I train dogs and help people find the breed that suits their lifestyle. I give information on good locations to obtain a dog [breeder, shelter] and how to care, etc. But this is mainly about training and pet finding.

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    • rick j
    • August 2, 2009

    something that alludes to the fact that you will help find the dog for them first and then train them with it… so maybe
    Come home and Stay awhile.
    i don’t know but i think something to that effect would be cute. A play on command words.

    • monkeys
    • August 1, 2009

    find a friend

    • LilliSep
    • August 1, 2009

    haha! poochy pet service!! no it’s dorky don’t use that!!

    • Rosalie
    • August 1, 2009

    Do the Dog

    • kk
    • August 1, 2009

    The Suitable Hound
    You could have a really great logo of a hound in a suit, like Sherlock Holmes!

    • loved one 20
    • August 1, 2009

    In bold letters
    Paws With Some Laws
    Paws With Laws and Information
    Paws With Laws on Standby
    It is original guh! I love Dogs! Hope you have fun in your career! Hope I helped bunches!

    • lovepets
    • August 1, 2009

    The Dogs House

    • Mazzz A dog is for life
    • August 1, 2009

    Einstein ; dogs school

    • Tobi L
    • July 31, 2009

    dogs choice training and ownership service

    • Rio Rivas
    • July 31, 2009

    good dog

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