What Dog Toy Is Best For Avid Chewers?

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My dog is an chewer, even though he is only 20 lbs. He quickly chews up any we give him, even durable Nylabones. What is the best durable chewing toy (but fairly inexpensive considering he goes through them so quickly) to give him?

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    • jon c
    • August 2, 2009

    go to market get the little round soup bones cook in oven just put them in turn oven to 350 when it hits that it usually enough give the dog one put rest in freezer they love the center and its soft they eat it first however it takes for ever to chew down the bone and usually never chew it down all the way oh adn the soup bones are way cheap

    • WooHoo
    • August 1, 2009

    You can try a Kong or similar rubber toy (there are many to choose from) but not all dogs will chew them. You can put cream cheese or peanut butter around the inside to encourage chewing but I would stay away from the food-in-a-can they sell.
    A rolled, compressed rawhide chew (not the ones with the chopped bits but the solid ones that are in sheets and then rolled into a very heavy, tight cylinder) are pretty tough. The ones that are about a foot long are the toughest. They are probably about $1/each depending on where you get them.
    Toss them when they are small enough to be swallowed.

    • Little Dragon
    • August 1, 2009

    buy him a kong, they last forever.

    • paintedr
    • August 1, 2009

    Give him a toy made for a larger breed. The bigger toys are made more durable than the ones made for small breeds.

    • Carol P
    • August 1, 2009

    We have tried Pup Treads, made of natural rubber, shaped like little tires with success. Pup Treads are tough, durable rubber that provide chewing enjoyment for hours. For even more fun, try placing your dog’s favorite toys or treats inside the toy. Pup Treads are tough and durable enough even for aggressive chewers and teething pups.

    • GeriGeri
    • August 1, 2009

    We give our dogs real bones from the butcher for when they’re outside. After the meat is off and they dry white in the sun they are virtually indestructable and are clean to come in the house. Of course this isn’t much help if you live in an apartment…

    • ♥Golden gal♥
    • August 1, 2009

    Go to this website:
    Their toys are great and last forever. I have a very agressive chewer here and he hasnt distroyed thir toys yet and I’ve had them for 3 years. Plus they are earth friendly too.

    • greyskym
    • August 1, 2009

    If you are cool with it I would go to your local grocery store. Go to the meat department and pick up a soup bone or knuckle…most butchers will be happy to cut it for you since you have a smaller dog. I suggest this for chewing because raw bone obviously is VERY strong.. plus unlike cooked bone it will not splinter ( cooked bone will splinter so never give your animals a cooked bone. Even raw chicken bones are safe for dogs because they can easily chew it and it doesn’t make those sharp little pieces) Plus the soup bone or knuckle will have marrow and that will be a very healthy treat. If you are uncomfortable with raw meat or bones ( which you shouldn’t be… a huge myth is that animals will get salmonella or other bacterial infections like humans from consuming raw meat..and that is so not true! Humans have a very long digestive tract..this means our food sits in that tract for a very long time and that give bacteria like salmonella time to grow and make us sick… animals on the other hand.. like cats and dogs have very short digestive tracts…so the bacteria and other yicky stuff doesnt have time to grow.) If you are uncomfortable with raw food maybe try a kong toy. If you dog is an aggressive chewer I would look for the black kong which is stronger than the red kong and is made for strong jawed dogs. Always supervise whenever your dog is chewing on something..

    • huney
    • July 31, 2009

    A Kong toy is the best for chewers. There are different colors. The blue marble one is for teething puppies, the red is for normal strength chewers, the black (which sounds like what you need) is for tenacious chewers. They have a few different designs and I believe there is a guarantee on them. You can find them at many pet stores. I stuff treats inside mine so the dog has to work for the treat. Good luck

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