My Dog Is Constantly Whining And Carrying A Toy In Her Mouth?

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My husband and I left for a trip two weeks ago without our and once we got home she ran into the guest bedroom and laid in the corner, she is still at least once a day. This is very unusual for her, as she rarely goes into that room. Nothing is buried in there or under the bed by our dog. She does have some seperation anxiety when we leave her at our parents house.
She is now running around carrying a dog and constantly. She is not trying to nurse the toy as in a false pregnancy but she has licked the toy and seems protective of it, but she is not making a nest or shredding blankets etc. I have no why she is acting like does anyone have any insight?
thanks..we are going to be taking her to the vet soon I just wondered if anyone had experienced this.
My dog is a female black lab 2 yrs old and is not spayed. We were going to breed her but she is rather for a lab so we are not going to breed her and will spay her soon.

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