Dog Behavior Training – Choosing a Good Family Dog

There comes a time in most home families when the children get a bit older and their or teddy is no longer the best thing in the world to play with, every new friend or existing friend your children make seems to have a cute little , and its only a matter of time before your children are going to start pestering you for one. So what should you look for is your serious about getting a ?

For starters your will need to be able to take everything your children can throw at it, children often don’t have any idea of how to handle a new pet dog so don’t expect them to play gently all the time, unknowing children have a tendency to be a little rough wile playing with dogs so a that can take some rough playing is essential.

Different dogs have different personalities just like humans do so be aware of this when purchasing a new dog, just because a breed is normally playful, energetic, and nice , this does not mean the one you get will be the same. Being prepared to put in work and time with your dog is also essential with a because dog’s often take the things your children tell it to do as acceptable when this may not be the case, so training will be needed at some point.

After considering the previous paragraphs I’m sure you will be pretty certain on whether you still want a for your home or not, if you do then here are some suggestions on different breeds that you may want to consider.

Golden Retriever. The golden retriever is a good popular choice for families because of their active and loyal personality and a good all round dog.

Boxer. Although the boxer may look big and intimidating to some, the boxer is a very good in that they love being around people, they take care of the family members, and are always willing to play.

Labrador Retreiver. An extremely popular pet in many households across the world, the Labrador is a very friendly loving that loves to play and be very active for your kids to play with.

Beagle. The beagle is a very sturdy dog that can take plenty of roughness and playing, and loves to be active and meet new people. A very excited and curious dog that is great for family life.

Boston Terrier. The terrier is a gentle, well mannered dog and enjoys a challenge. Boston terriers are very easy to train and make for great and friends.

Irish Setter. A very affectionate dog, the Irish setter is a very good choice for families due to its liking for children and constant happy playful attitude.

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