What Is The Best Dog Toy To Keep A Labrador Retriever Busy?

A Reader Asks…

I have a 10 month old Retreiver he is very good at chewing.
Now before I had this dog, I had another the other dog was a good chewer, but if we gave him a like a , it would take him a few hours to eat it all. But here is the thing, the old dog was a dog who would chew something until it was gone, but this dog will chew his toys in multiple sittings. He will eat Kong Toys with peanut butter in one sitting, but the problem is, this new dog is a genius. He knows how to open the doors of the house, he knows how to unscrew lids. Its rediculous.
So I was wondering if there is a rough dog Chew toy (Doesn’t need to be reusable) that is good to a Lab busy interested.

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