Dog Steps – A Wonderful Way To Let Your Dog Travel

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Dog steps have become extremely useful for dogs that need a little help getting where they need to go. Pet stairs are just a smaller version of our own steps and they serve the same purpose. The steps are to help dogs get up on things and down off of things without them having to over exert themselves and have to jump from high heights.

The dog steps were made for older dogs to begin with. Many older dogs suffer from arthritis, bad backs, or hip problems. But, you know that almost like men dogs never grow up even when they reach that age, they still want to be able to get on the coach or the bed like before. Therefore the dog step has arrived!

Dog steps have become quite a popular market and now have a huge variety of different steps to choose from. You can get the classic step which is just like our steps in the they can either climb up or down on them and they usually have soft carpet covering the wood underneath for extra comfort. They even have a stair that is in a 90 degree angle where the dog can run up the stair and slide down when they want to get low to the ground. Be careful in what step you decide to purchase, make sure it caters to the need of your particular dog.

The to these now more convenient steps is the cost. An ordinary foam step can cost you $150.00 or more depending of course on where you purchase them. If you simply do not have the funds to buy these adorable stairs, find someone who can build them for you. It’s actually pretty simple to make stairs and place carpet on top of them. With making the stairs you will probably spend about $35.00 which is a down from the first figure.

The firs thing that you are going to need to get is of course the materials, you will need 3 2×4 pieces of wood and 2 regular pieces for the sides. As well, as some cushion for the stairs, carpet, or material to go over. The tricky part is making the stairs for this you will need someone who knows how to make regular stairs for humans, but they need to be cut to your dog’s size. The best part is designing the stairs since you are making the stairs for your furry friend let your creativity shine through.

Make sure that you keep any small children away from the dog stairs. Kids will often find it fun to run up and down them, or pick them up and throw them. Remember the stairs are made of wood just like traditional stairs so your children can get hurt if they play with them.

Many older dogs need to be trained on how to use these steps for dogs. Whenever something is brand new there is a learning process. Do not scold your dog if they are not using the stairs, instead show them how. You can do this by placing a treat above their heads and making them follow you up and down the stairs with it. This is probably the easiest way to train.

Dog accessories are an awesome thing to have. It prevents any late night vet visits and ensures your dogs safety. The stairs are a must have for any animal lover!

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