Stopping Dog On Dog Aggression

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There are lots of reasons dogs can become aggressive. Dogs are instinctively aggressive. Dogs evolved with a need to be aggressive. In order to feed and protect their families, aggression was a necessary trait. Despite thousand of years of domestication, dogs retain the aggression instinct, and if a dog becomes overly aggressive you will benefit from knowing how to your . As an owner you need to control your own dog if he is overly aggressive, as well as know how to recognize and avoid another dog that is displaying aggressive behavior. Learn to understand the reasons dogs become aggressive towards other dogs so that you can control aggression before it becomes a learn more about recognizing dog body language click here.Recognizing Dog Body Language

One way a dog will display dominance is by putting their head above the other dog’s head and maybe also putting their forelegs on the other animal’s back or . Growling and displaying teeth along with raising the hair on their back are also displays dogs use when becoming more aggressive. Stopping dog to dog aggression should be done before this is allowed to happen. If the second dog doesn’t act submissively at this point, there could soon be a fight. this is a very common type of and I am sure you have seen it many times before. By paying attention to your dog while walking him, these type of are noticeable, and you can avoid what ever is causing the disturbance.

Try out the tip  below for stopping dog aggression, and get your dog a new friend.

  • Take your aggressive dog on a visit with you to a friend’s house who has a nice non-aggressive dog. This will probably go best if the visiting dog is of the opposite gender of your dog, because dogs may be more aggressive to their own sex. If your friend’s place isn’t a good idea, at least starting in a neutral location is a good idea, so your dog doesn’t have the instinct to protect his turf.
  • Have both dogs on their leashes so you can maintain complete control in case your dog lunges.  Remain far enough apart that the dogs can’t reach each other, and have the dogs assume the sit position. Keep your dog in the sit position and do not let him become agitated or aggressive. Show your dog you are happy when he stops acting aggressive by giving him a rewarding taty treat and lots of praise. It is necessary to act in a consistent fashion to obtain fast and effective results. Stay positive with your training and remember not to yell when frustrated as that will not make the training go faster or easier.
  • Dogs greet each other first by sniffing each other’s faces, so as long as they are calm it is time to let them say “Hi”. Because the dogs are calm they should now greet each other without the displays of dominance and aggressive posture such as growling or raising the hair on their backs. Your pet is already on the way to having stopped his aggressive behavior if he is still relaxed at this time.
  • For future meetings, try using different locations to check the aggressive dog’s attitude. The idea is to desensitise your dog’s aggression through the repeated enounter with a friendly dog.
  • Once he seemed like he enjoys his new “friend’s” company the final test is in your dog’s own yard. Start the final test with the dogs on the leash, just in case the aggressive dog cops an attitude on his home turf. As long as your dog stays relaxed and non-agressive, let them play with each other. Your dog is on his way to losing that bad dog on dog aggression-what a relief.

Now you know a good way to stop your dog’s aggression problems, and the beginning of him being able to make friends with othere dogs.

Try introducing your dog to a new friend and I bet you will have good results stopping your dog’s aggressive attitude.Please click here to read more helpful articles about dog obedience training and solving behavior problems-

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