Elevated Dog Feeder – A Wonderful Way To Help Your Pet Enjoy Their Food

Elevated dog bowls have many benefits over traditional feeders and bowls. How often have you called watched your dog struggle with his ? You watch on helpless as he struggles and it slides across the floor. Maybe you're just tired of watching your more mature deal with the pain of having to bend far down to reach a floor level dish.

Many of the modern feeders available today though are better designed and are made out of more such as wood or iron. These are easier to use for both you and your pet. Modern styles include more choices in shape and size, materials and volume of food stored. Some can even accommodate up to two eating at the same time, however don't try this at home unless the dogs in question have no problem sharing. In addition, to sturdy design, most new feeders have rubber grips on the feet to prevent across the floor. Many models today include , which help to catch overflow and pads to catch drips. Another nice feature of today's models, which can be set to dispense measured amounts of food or set to dispense food at a specific time. These are features for controlling the eating habits of health challenged dogs.

As dogs age, they have a tendency to develop . This can lead to the awful experience of having to watch as a loved suffers while trying to simply east a meal. With a standard food bowl, the dog has to bend down and in doing so causes more pain in the pet. An elevated feeder raises the bowel off the ground, which helps the dog with the joint issue. This is important because a dog, which suffers pain while eating, may be inclined to reduce the amount of eating it does. This act of self-sacrifice for comfort can lead to all kinds of nutrition deficit issues.

Humans with mobility issues also can benefit from the elevated feeder by not having to bend down to feed the dog. Raising the bowl up off the floor helps to keep you from bending over. With most of the styles Food and water can be easily loaded into the storage areas through top mounted lids.

You can find elevated feeders in a number of designs ranging from the simple to sleek and sexy modern designs. Most feeders are made from some sort of metal such as steel or iron.

Dog feeder come in a wide range of fashionable choices to complement the interior decor of your home. If for instance you have an Asian theme to your kitchen then you may want to look into buying a feeder that is made from bamboo. If your kitchen involves a lot of chrome then a stainless steel feeder is best for you. Rustic themed kitchens would work well with a feeder made from wood or iron.

Aside from the issues of neatness and comfort, there are the other issues which elevated feeders can assist in addressing, which are far more serious. In large dogs, Swallowing of air while eating can lead to a dog developing a case of bloat. This is a serious issue, which can become fatal very quickly.

Regardless of why you decide to buy an Elevated dog bowl, it will be a purchase that will pay for itself quickly. To find the style which is best for you a small amount of research and a quick visit to a local pet store will allow you to make a choice which will fit both your home and your family's needs. Most pet stores carry a wide selection of feeders to choose from. The prices range varies depending on the type of bowl you decide to buy. If you choose one which you like and fits your needs make a purchase decision based upon how well it fits your needs and not based on price.

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