Best Dog Food – Wet Or Dry, Can it Really Help Any?

Is there really much of a difference in quality between “wet” (canned) and dry dog foods? Of course you know that wet food invariably costs more than an equivalent amount of , but are you really paying for better ingredients when you purchase wet food for your ? Or is wet food simply a marketing gimmick?

As an owner, you likely want to find the dog food you need to best assist your dog.

There are owners who believe, sometimes wrongfully so, that the wet foods are better in quality due to their expensive price tag. Seeing wet foods as “gourmet” does not mean that it is better in a dietary sense. So what are the advantages of one over the other?
Dry food works best for people who leave their food down all the time (free choice) because it won't dry out when left sitting for long periods. It's also less expensive per meal than canned, too. But, hey, some pets can be really . Some will only eat certain flavors or brands of food. Others will eat only dry food, and still others will eat only wet food. By the way, unless your dog is a self-regulator (meaning he only eats to feel full and then quits), free choice isn't a great idea as it often leads to obesity.

Most dry dog foods are corn, soybean or rice based. Some of the better brands, however, have meat or fish meal as the first listed ingredient(s). Although higher priced, nutritionally speaking, they are worth checking out.

Dry dog foods have greater caloric density – meaning there is less water in a cup of food as compared to a diet. This isn't really an issue for smaller dogs, but your larger dog will have a problem eating enough volume of canned food to fulfill their because there is also a in the food. Generally speaking, larger dogs, meaning those that weigh over 30 pounds (13.60 kg), should be fed a dry or semi-moist food.

Usually the only difference between the dry and canned versions of food is generally the water content. Another advantage of canned food is that it is very digestible and most do not contain preservatives. Dry food is very good for the teeth, but does not get rid of tartar. For that, you brush their teeth and offer your dog acceptable things to chew on.

It may become necessary to switch from canned to dry dog food. Whether finances, medical conditions, or other factors are the reason, it is important to do the switch in a smart and responsible manner.

Canned food is drastically different from dry food in many ways aside from the texture. Often times, pets will resist the change and respond by acting out or just not eating the new food. This is why it is important to change their food in a manner that does not stress them. Most owners will slowly add dry food to the bowl and bit by bit reduce the amount of wet food present until the dog is eating only the dry food. This is perhaps the best method as it slowly introduces the dog to the new food. The same thing can be done when changing from dry food to wet food.

If your dog is eating around the newly introduced food then you may need to switch brands. And if all else fails, a hungry dog will eat; just make sure that your dog is healthy enough for such a drastic measure. It is best to consult with your veterinarian before attempting to switch food.

Keep a close eye on your dog during any transitions in foods. Improperly switching foods can lead to several side effects like the ones discussed above. A change in bowel movements and temperaments may also be a sign that the switch in foods is not agreeing with your dog. If this should happen, consult with your veterinarian.

Your choice of wet of dry food should be based not on those mouthwatering pictures on the cans or pouches of wet food, which make it look as if the ingredients could be popped into the microwave, heated and served with a salad and corn bread for a satisfying family meal. You should choose the food which will give your pet an adequate amount of calories in a single serve, while providing all the nutrients they need to remain healthy and happy!

Thats it for this article. Hope this was helpful to you.

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