Keeping Your Dog’s Biting Playful.

When your ’s biting is no longer playful, control it.When bite fiercely, look into the possibility of behavior modification being an approriate solution.


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Do you Truly Believe It’s Behavioral?


When your dog bites aggressively, ensure yourself that the cause is not a physical defect before starting behavior modification.To do this, have a professional examine your dog.Blood tests, a exam and a thyroid panel can detect imbalances that give rise to the .Your vet can address the if it’s physiological.A treatment can effectively stop your dog’s aggressiveness.


When you’re definite it’s anatomical, begin behavior modification to put the biting under control.


Should You Let a Pro Do It?


Consider two things to help you decide:


Your commitment to see the process through.Would you do what you must to turn this behavior around? You’ll need to spend quality time with your dog daily over several weeks, maybe months to do this.You amy even have to learn with an online course.


The concerns your dog gives rise to.If your dog is a pup, you can control him easily.Smaller dogs are easier to manage than ; they’re also not as dangerous because they are not as strong.Dog-keepers have been sued and their dogs put down for injuring other people.


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Behavior Modification Through Positive Pre-Conditioning.


Positive conditioning is the standard approach to behavior modification.If you’re familiar with this term in human psychology, you won’t be surprised to discover it’s used in dog psychology as well.After all, humans know of canine intelligence.


Basically, positive reinforcement in dogs is similar to the human concept.Praises for reinforces the behavior.


Take play-biting when nip each other at their mother’s breasts.Look closely and you’ll see young pups nipping each other to complete for mommy’s nipples.Soon, a pup cries in pain and abandons the game.


A puppy abandons his fellow pups is pre-conditioning at its finest.The puppy leaving the game tells his fellows the game has gone too rough and that biting hard hurts him.The guilty pup learns the fun stops when he bites too hard; it goes on if he’s just play-biting.


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