Have Dog Jumping Problems?

A key part of training your is to teach him to not jump up on people. often show their excitement by . As it puppy, it may not seem like a big deal. However, when the puppy grows up, it is a much bigger issue.

If you dog jumps on someone it could scare or even hurt someone in their excitement. You can break your of this problem, but it will take some time and some patience.

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Let’s Get Started

There are a few factors that make jump up. A dog may jump up when you come home to get closer to your face. Dog’s like to “shake hands” with eachother by sniffing around eachother’s face. Since your face is so high, your dog jumps to try and reach you.

A dog may also jump up due to being rewarded for it. You may be reinforcing the act when you get excited when he jumpes up. Conversly, discliplining you dog for jumping up may cause your dog to do it for the attention.

With a of proper training, you can stop dog jumping. Read through this list of things to try. Downplay your arrival home. Ignore any jumping, don’t give any attention to the behavior until he stops jumping. Ask any guests in your home to do the same.

Something that may also help is to make it so that your dog can reach your face without having to jump.

If you ignore your dog’s jumping he may stop. As soon as he stops jumping, give him all the attention he desires. If you are still having issues, hold out your hand and push your dog away using his nose when he jumps. It won’t take long for your dog to get the picture.

Other Important Things

Many behavior can be fixed by teaching your dog to “”. This is one of the most important commands that you can teach. Once your pooch has this command under control, you can stop any bad behavior by telling him to sit.

You can also teach your dog “off.” Use this command in the same way you would use the sit command.

If you show patience and consistency, you can stop your dog from jumping. Keep at it and you can stop your dog from jumping.

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