Where To Buy Parvaid And Things To Consider

The question of where to buy Parvaid doesn't seem like it should be too hard – all you need to do is go to the local store and pick up a bottle.

Well, we're sorry, but that would be just too easy – things are a little bit more complicated than that.

Parvaid is an that is both chemical and synthetic-free. It is both effective and safe. Lamentably, since it is not a chemical-based drug, most vets who are trained in Western Medicine entirely discount organic products as just some alternative solution that cannot possibly work as it has not been approved by the FDA.

Herbal products classed as or botanicals, as in the case of Parvaid and all of the other products required to treat Parvo, do not have to be evaluated by the FDA and therefore do not have to be approved by the US Food and Drug Administration.

A wall of resistance seems to go up as soon as you mention non-traditional or non-. Most vets appear to know nothing about , and on many occasions they will be rather dismissive of any product that wasn't produced by a drug manufacturer as they receive many for pushing drugs from the big pharmaceutical companies; whereas the small independent herbalist can't come close to matching the payoff levels that a Pfizer can use to incentivize a struggling vet.

So, trying to get inexpensive herbal products into established distribution chains is not easy. The financial rewards are not present, there will be far less residual income, which is because herbal products normally provide long-term relief vs. drugs that cause a wide range of side-effects creating a scenario of still further drugs to counter-act the side-effects, and to continue to put a band-aid on the problems, you could end up taking pills and such for the rest of your life – and that, of course, brings in a of cash each month.

What it boils down to is this – vets could get paid once (by really treating the problem and not the symptoms) or they could get paid many times, so it's not too surprising that they choose the latter option.

Sadly, there used to be a proud tradition in this country of using organic products to treat all kinds of ailments, but 200 years ago or so, drugs began to appear, large marketing campaigns were set up proclaiming how fantastic drugs are and that they are the only route to good health, and so the propaganda machine continued at full force.

Companies in the organic marketplace have never been able to compete with the pharmaceutical fat cats, with their deep pockets, and for the most part, still can't. If you play ads hundreds of times a day that fill people with hype, work on their emotions, and basically wear them down, they will think there are no other viable solutions and therefore the drugs must be the answer.

The “pop a couple of pills and everything will be OK” mentality is all that most people know, because it's what they grew up with. But in this day and age bugs (i.e. bacteria, parasites, viruses, germs) are getting stronger and stronger and immune to traditional treatments. You may find it easier to get your hands on chemical-based products but you probably won't get the type of relief that you need.

Products like Parvaid work with the body to help it heal from within. It would be nice to be able to go to your local market and find these organic type products, but as there are no big companies willing to promote these alternative treatments, you will not readily find these kinds of products in supermarkets, or even in any of the larger pet stores such as Pet Smart of Pet Co. You may, however, have some success if you look in small independent feed stores or pet stores.

But before you do this, there are a few things you need to know first.

Very few of the smaller retailers who sell Parvaid really know much about the product or how best to use it for maximum effect, because to them, it's nothing more than another item on the shelf.

Now, in order to maximize your dog's chance for a successful recovery, you will need to know how to use this product and you will also have to administer several home remedies for Parvo in conjunction. Unfortunately, most retailers neither have the necessary knowledge nor expertise.

Also the manufacturer requires a minimum of four (4) different products to treat sick Parvo dogs or exposed Parvo puppies as well as exposed adult dogs. Many retailers do not carry all of the required products.

So, here's your dliemma: do you spend valuable time trying to hunt down a retail store within driving distance (which may be several hours away if you're unlucky), in the hope that they stock all of the products you need, and then return home and try to cope by yourself as best you can, or you do buy the products online?

Now of course, if you buy from the retail store it would save some a bit of time (and perhaps some money as you would not have to pay for shipping – just gas and time), but you will not get any support whatsoever. If anything does go wrong, because no matter how good the products are (and they are!), some dogs don't respond to the standard treatment protocols for any number of reasons and therefore need adjusted dosage schedules, you'll probably find that you'll get no help from the store you bought the products from as they simply won't have the knowledge and experience that you'll need.

If you decide to buy Parvaid online, then you must look at who is selling the products, how much experience do they have in case you need help, which happens more times than not, and how trustworthy is their website.

The Internet is well known for being a place where websites will take your money and run, without ever delivering what you ordered.

One way you can tell is to look for the quantity of Parvo information that is on their website. If there is very little info then they probably don't know much about it and are just selling another product.

Also, check to see what types of shipping methods are available. If the only shipping method is USPS Priority Mail, this is a really good sign that they just don't get it – Parvo is a deadly virus that kills at a frightening speed, and anything slower than FedEx or UPS Overnight services is just too slow. Some sites even offer free Priority Mail shipping, in an attempt to gain your business, but please don't be tempted by these, because the money you think you're saving will probably cost your dog his life, as you wait an extra one to three days for that life-saving package to arrive in the mail.

We've dealt with 870 cases of Parvo (and counting), we only use FedEx Overnight for sick animals (Monday – Saturday deliveries), we wrote a 100+ page book all about Parvo which you can download instantly to your computer, Parvo Treatment 101 (no charge), we've developed a comprehensive Parvo Home Remedy Plan that will help sustain your dog until the products can be delivered, and we are the only company who offer all customers completely free and unlimited 24 x 7 phone support and personal coaching.

If your property is infected with Parvo, assuming you have dogs, or with Feline Distemper, if you have cats (because, unfortunately, dogs can pass Parvo on to cats, where it manifests itself in the form of Feline Distemper, also known as Feline Panleukopenia), then it is more than likely that you will need some support (maybe at 3:00am on a Sunday morning, when you won't be able to contact most vets or retail stores, of course) to help you through this horrific ordeal.

If you have not already done so, please visit ParvoBuster to help get your pets back on their feet again, and while you're there, don't forget to check out the Parvaid testimonials kindly provided by some of our many satisfied customers.

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