Pomeranian Puppy Training – The Need For Tenderness

As you probably know already, a is a cute little dog with more than body. Their temperament is usually friendly but highly active. It is important to start Pomeranian puppy training as soon as you bring these home. The breed is typically smart and will learn fast. Their miniature size also lends itself well to learning tricks.

If you bring home your Pomeranian at approximately 8 weeks old they are going to be very tiny and frail. This doesn't mean they are sickly, they are just very small. Good Pomeranian dog training means you will handle the puppy carefully and only allow children to handle the puppy under close supervision.

The first step in good care would be a visit to the to make sure your puppy is healthy. This will give you a chance to discuss with your vet what special needs you need to be aware of such as heartworm treatment, flea treatment, and treatment for worms. You can also get a schedule of needed immunizations.

Because of their small stature, Pomeranian dog training will probably require special food which consists of tiny bites. Your vet can also help you with the selection since most carry high quality . Due to their hyperactive nature, you will probably want to feed them three times daily. It is important that they always have water available to them. Many people make the mistake of feeding their puppy from the table but this is not healthy for the puppy. This habit is best if you never start it since it is difficult to break.

Pomeranian And Grooming

are a breed which has a long and luxurious coat. In order to maintain their coat you should brush them daily. This will help you keep out mats and will also help to provide them with a healthy coat. The time to begin brushing them is as soon as you bring them home. This is something they will have to learn to tolerate but there are things you can do to make this enjoyable for them. Use a wire brush that is not too stiff and talk to them and tell them how good they are while you are brushing them. Be careful not to pull their hair since this could cause them pain and fear. Daily brushing should help keep their coat free from mats so there is no reason for brushing to become painful for them.

Another Pomeranian puppy care tip is to start out brushing their teeth when they are puppies. Don't expect them to like this because they probably won't ever like it. Starting out with daily brushing should at least get them to accept this as part of their daily life. Once your Pomeranian puppy sees that you are not going to hurt them they will be more tolerant of the things they consider to be unpleasant. Taking good care of your Pomeranian puppy will mean you have a happy and energetic friend for many years.

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