Dog travel: the safe way

It’s a sure bet that you’re either a ‘’ person or a ‘cat’ person; if you’re a dog person and you have a dog, then you love to take it everywhere you go. However did you know if you’re travelling in a car with your pet pooch, then they are at just as much in an accident as you are? If you aren’t too concerned about that, then think about this: a dog roaming around loose in a car can cause an accident if the driver is distracted, or if their driving is impeded. If wants a pat and you’re negotiating a tricky , or you decide a tummy rub is necessary at the next set of lights, then you could create an accident, or fail to get out of one. , like a child, should be strapped safely in a seat.

A is crucial if you want to avoid an accident, and injury to either yourself or your dog. Think of it as a dog safety belt, which will (in the of an accident) stop your beloved canine from being thrown around the vehicle and becoming hurt – or hurting you. Any loose item in a car can become a projectile and again, if you don’t care too much if Bingo is hurt, then consider the fact that you could be.

A dog travel harness is available in different sizes, and it is important that you select the right one in order for it to fit correctly. If it is too loose, the dog may slip through in an impact – too tight and it could cause injury and defeat the purpose for which it was intended. Furthermore, you don’t want a harness that will rub when the car is in motion. This could cause burns and blisters. Padding in the right places, and the right kind of padding, is essential. It’s worth spending a little more on a harness that will fit correctly and be snug (but not too much so) and offer protection even while simply driving from point A to point B.

The last point worth noting is that the harness should have a swivel fitting so that the dog can either up or lie down in the car. A harness will allow the dog to turn around and not become entangled, or cause the belt to shorten. Positioned correctly, a harness will also mean your windows stay clean – no more doggy drool coating the insides of your car!

Dog travel safety should be one of the things you consider when you buy a puppy. For many reasons, a dog harness, available from all good pet supplies stores, is a vital piece of equipment in the car of any dog owner.

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