Dog Breed Trivia Questions

How well do you know your dog breeds? Below you'll find some trivia questions about various dog breeds. I have also included some facts that you may find of interest.Enjoy!

A is characteristic of which breed of dog?

The Chow Chow

Chow Chows were initially bred in Mongolia and then brought to China. “Puffy Lion Dog” is the actual translation of the word (Songshi Quan) the for Chow Chow. Chows have a double coat and a distinctive ruff. Chows are extremely loyal to their owners and are suspicious of strangers. It is essential for this breed to be well socialised at an early age.

When Shakespeare wrote “Ears which sweep the morning dew,” what breed of dog was he speaking about?

Basset Hound

Basset hounds are kind with children however they are stubborn and hard to train. Despite this drawback, Basset Hounds are very receptive to dog clicker training techniques. These dogs were bred to hunt rabbits by smell. Although Basset Hounds require exercise they are quite happy to live in the city. Long walks are needed to keep these dogs happy because they have lots of energy and stamina.

Which breed of dog is accredited with saving Napoleon Bonaparte from drowning?


While escaping from Elba Island in 1815 Napoleon Bonaparte was swept overboard. A Newfoundland dog dove into the water and saved him. This comes from Canada. They are often used to aid in water rescues because of their love of water. They have webbed feet which makes them excellent swimmers and their heavy double coat is water-resistant.

When people use the phrase “Apollo of Dogs,” what kind of dog are they referring to?

The Great Dane is not from Denmark, it actually hails from Germany. Adult should weigh about 110 pounds and are one of the tallest breeds. Historically the Great Dane was trained to hunt wild boars and stags. The Great Dane makes an excellent guard dog. Both the American Kennel Club and British Kennel Club class the Great Dane in the working group.

Which breed was known as the official dog of the Royal French Court?

Pyrenean Mountain Dog

These dogs are also known as the Great Pyrenees. Male dogs should weigh about 105 to 120 pounds while the females should weigh in slightly lighter. These dogs are noted for being good herd and guard dogs. During WWII they were used to haul artillery through the mountains. This dog is well known for its thick white coat and double dewclaws.

What kind of dog is often referred to as “black and tans”?

Gordon Setter

The Gordon Setter is from Scotland, specifically Gordon Castle. The breed dates back to at least 1726 and the 4th duke of Gordon, Alexander. This breed was traditionally used to hunt game birds. The Gordon Setter is the heaviest and slowest member of the Setter family but they are able to work all day long. They are very loyal to their family but are slow to mature and are not great around very small children.

Churro, Laneto, Perro de Agua and Pero de Lanas are all names that refer to which breed of dog?

The Spanish Water Dog

A great herd dog the Spanish Water dog works well with both goats and sheep. To help with their work fishermen in Spain train these dogs. They will tow boats to shore and will help with the fishing nets. They retrieve fish and ducks and are excellent divers and swimmers due to their webbed feet. They are hard working and loyal but need to be socialised early.

What kind of dog is the largest in the Terrier family?

The Airedale

Airedale Terriers should weigh between 45 to 50 pounds and are about 23 inches in height. These dogs are originally from Airedale, in Yorkshire County. Because they were used to hunt otters in the River Aire these Terriers are often referred to as the Waterside Terrier. They have a water-resistant thick coat which they shed twice a year. They are used as Police dogs in Britain.

Which breed of dog was thought to be sacred to the Aztecs?


The smallest breed in the world is the Chihuahua. They are named after the state of Chihuahua in northern Mexico. Aztecs are believed to have used this breed in their religious ceremonies. Historically the Chihuahua were larger than they are today. It was the Spanish who began to cross breed them with miniature breeds like the Chinese Crested to produce a smaller dog. Today Chihuahuas are often crossed with Dachshunds, to get Chihuaschunds, or with Beagles to get Chihueagles.

What kind of dog is native to Flanders?


Due to its mischievous behaviour the Schipperke is also known as the “Little Black Devil” or the “Tasmanian Devil Dog”. “Little Captain” is the actual translation of the name Schipperke. These small dogs will live about 17 years.

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