Providing A Healthy Environment For Newborn Puppy Training

There are few things quite as cute and lovable as a puppy. They make you want to grab them up and just squeeze them but care should be taken with the . They need special care in these early days of their life. Most of the attention they need will be provided by their mother until they are about six weeks old. Your job at this point of newborn dog training is to make sure mom and babies have a healthy environment. You need to make sure they have clean and comfortable bedding everyday since they will be spending all of their time there at first. They need to be placed away from cold drafts and sheltered from the outside elements.

Giving Mom A Hand With Newborn Puppy Training

Most know exactly how to take care their young and will devote every hour of every day to that task. In the early days moms will lick their babies to help them with elimination. You can give mom a break some of the time by gently massaging these right after they eat. This helps their little systems develop to the point they no longer have the need for . This is also an to remember in the unfortunate case that mom is not around.

Mom will also bathe her pups every day by licking them. This serves to stimulate healthy blood flow as well as keeping the young pups clean. Here again you can give mom a hand by gently rubbing the puppies with a soft, warm, and . You should always rub them dry with a soft towel after bathing. Also keep in mind that at this age you should not use soap since this could be dangerous to their delicate systems.

Newborn For The Growing Puppy

As these new babies grow they will soon need less of mom’s attention. They will open their eyes and start moving around. Mom may choose to start weaning them so you will need to step in and provide additional nourishment. Because their teeth are so delicate at this age they will need something they can easily chew. Starting them out on moist food is probably the best option. As they mature and develop you can start mixing dry food in with the moist food to help them develop strong and healthy teeth.

When these little fur balls begin to eat more food they will also have increased elimination. They usually do not like to eliminate in the same place where they sleep and eat. them an area where they can go will not only help teach them potty training, it will also help to keep their environment healthy.

Newborn puppy care can be time-consuming and in the early days might disrupt your normal schedule. You need to keep in mind that this only lasts a few weeks and the rewards are numerous. When you are happily watching these new babies romp and play you will feel a sense of satisfaction that you helped them reach this point.

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