Dog Car Tips: Feeding Your Puppy

have slightly different nutritional needs than . Their coat, bones, organs, and teeth are still maturing. The foods they eat must have an ample supply of nutrients to support their growth. Remember the difference in energy levels there come from puppies as compared to older . In order to remain energetic, they need a constant supply of foods that provide a source of vitamins, minerals, and the right . We will discuss four tips to help you feed your puppy correctly.

#1 – Buy

Many owners are tempted to prepare specific meals for their pups, but it’s usually a . Without to detail, it’s practically impossible to measure the right level of vitamins, fats, proteins, and other nutrients.

By contrast, commercial puppy foods are specifically formulated to provide the right blend for a puppy’s growing body. Manufacturers understand the special needs of puppies. Their high energy and protein requirements have already been considered within the formulations. As a side note, if you’re raising a large breed (for example, a ), visit your pet supply store to check whether they carry a breed-specific brand.

#2 – Be Consistent

In many ways, puppies are creatures of habit. Once they start eating a brand they enjoy, changing that brand – even for “variety” – isn’t normally welcome. Of course, a meal is a meal, and most dogs, young or old, won’t pass it up. However, unless there is a compelling reason to change brands, avoid doing so. If you must switch, try to wean your off the old food by gradually mixing the new food in.

#3 – Set A Time And Stick To It

In the same way people normally establish certain times to eat meals, you should create a feeding schedule for your puppy. Left to their own devices, puppies will often overeat (again, not unlike people). Because canine obesity is such a debilitating problem, try to encourage the right eating habits when your pup is young. Pick two or three times during which you’ll feed him. He’ll quickly come to recognize those times instinctively.

#4 – Make Drinking Water Available

Puppies need water just like people and some breeds require more than others. Always make sure their is plenty of water available for your puppy. A youthful puppy will use more energy through the course of the day than an older . That means he’ll be drinking more water to keep hydrated. Provide him with all he needs.

It’s not difficult to design an easy feeding plan for your pup. Invest in a high-quality commercial brand, avoid switching it, pick feeding times and don’t deviate from them, and give your puppy all the water he wants. You can add all natural dog treats or dog chews as a special bonus for your dog as well. If you follow those guidelines, your pup should grow up to be a healthy, happy adult dog.

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