Puppy Training Information that will benefit You and your new Addition

There are few things cuter than a new puppy – at least until you bring one home and watch him soil your carpet and chew on your favorite sofa! Those adorable faces in the store window are going to take some effort on your part to care for and train. The good news is that with a bit of puppy training information under your belt, and plenty of preparation before your new arrival comes home, you will be able to handle those puppy days with much more ease and enjoyment than you might have originally thought. The key is in arming yourself with the tools and knowledge that you will need to be the best that you can be.

Stock up on Supplies

To determine which supplies that you will need for your new arrival, there are any number of websites that will offer the that you will need. Other good sources for puppy care information include your veterinarian's office, the , or the shelter that you adopt your puppy from. The items to shop for will be feeding supplies, and these include bowls for water and food, as well as a high quality specially formulated for puppies. It is also a good idea to get a crate for your puppy, since most puppy care information touts the benefits of crate training dogs. You can line the bottom of your crate with an old blanket or towel that your puppy will find comfy for sleeping on.

A collar and leash are other good supplies to purchase before you bring your puppy home, as well as a few chew toys and grooming supplies like shampoo and . To make sure that your chew toys are safe for your new pup, avoid items like rawhide that can break off and get lodged in a small dog's throat and opt instead for durable items like a chew toy for playtime. Having some of these toys on hand will hopefully deter your dog from teething on other items like your favorite shoes or the living .

Get Ready for Housebreaking

Housebreaking will be one of the first puppytraining objectives you will have for your pup, and there is plenty of good puppy care information available to complete this task properly. A crate can be a very helpful tool in the process of housebreaking, since your puppy is unlikely to soil his crate when he is inside. Make sure that you have plenty of cleaning supplies on hand, since accidents can and do happen on occasion. Most of all, arm yourself with patience, since it will take a bit of for your pup to get the hang of this routine. For more puppy care information about housebreaking, talk to your veterinarian, breeder or check the Internet.

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