The Peter Pan of Boxer Puppy Care

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Boxers have a very long puppyhood and are most frequently called, the “” of the dog world. They are not considered fully mature until they are two to three years old. Therefore, Boxer puppy care is extremely important.  This is one of the longest puppyhoods in the dog kingdom. They need a lot of puppy training in their early months to keep their master from wearing out.  

Boxers are very friendly and make an exceptional family pet. They are very alert, intelligent and strong . But these dogs need good as puppies in order to tolerate other dogs later on in their lives. The boxer, by nature, is not an aggressive or vicious dog.  However, he can become over-protective and dominating, if socialization has not been developed in his young years. So, a major part of Boxer puppy care is socialization. Bringing another puppy or an older dog into his environment at an early age will help him socialize within the dog kingdom.

Dog Training

Since Boxers have such long puppy lives, it is very important in Boxer puppy care to bring into their lives as soon as possible. After food, and have been established, your puppy needs to start training.  The housebreaking of your Boxer puppy can be done very simply. Using the crate method is very successful with Boxers.

Actually, most housebreaking methods are successful with Boxers because of their intelligence. Your local will have many books on the to housebreak puppies. But your Boxer puppy care will become more successful if you use the ‘clicker’ method. It is proven that Boxers respond better to clickers than they do to voice commands.  Again, your pet store will help you in finding a good clicker training class or book.

Start very young with your Boxer dog training and the both of you will be much happier together. Learning all of the various commands at a young age can only be a winning combination. Boxers love to be obedient and they love to have respect from their owners. They are often used for service dogs, guide dogs for the blind, therapy dogs and police dogs in K9 units. The military use these dogs as messenger dogs, pack carriers, and attack and guard dogs.

After watching the versatility of these dogs in their later years, it is no wonder that Boxer puppy care is very important. The love and affection they give to their owners and their socialization with the world begins in their early puppy years. It seems obvious that Boxer puppy care, of the Peter Pan of dogs, is very important to our civilization.

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