Wake Up And Smell The Parvo!

There is one common thread that unites many of the 850+ customers we've worked with during the past two years, and this is it: people don't seem to appreciate just how aggressive and fast-acting the is.

You can go to bed one night, with a perfectly healthy-looking, happy dog, and wake up in the morning to a very sick one – and, yes, the title of this article is not just a play on a popular , because Parvo has an unmistakable smell, as the diarrhea, which is frequently one of the first symptoms you'll see with the latest 2c strain of this virus, is foul and unlike anything else you may have come across before.

As an example, one of our customers, in the Pacific Northwest, noticed that their dog was sick with Parvo on a Sunday morning, and later that very same day, in the late afternoon, it had already died.

Even when this virus doesn't claim your dog's life quite so quickly, too many people sit around for day after day, watching their dog suffer, and doing absolutely nothing about it, because they suffer from the mistaken belief that they have time.

But they don't!

If you know dogs at all, then you know that 99.9% or more of them love their food, so if your dog stopped eating, for as little as one day, wouldn't you be concerned that something might be seriously wrong?

Even if one of our dogs throws up, if they're healthy (and ours are), then they are ready to eat again just a few minutes later, so a dog that's off his food for even a few hours (which is often the very first sign you'll see that your dog has Parvo, provided you're observant, of course) should be a big, red warning sign.

The sad thing is, there is so much misinformation about Parvo that a lot of dog owners are understandably but ill-advisedly complacent.

These dog owners feel secure because:

  • Their dog has had all of its (including boosters). And now for the reality: Parvo vaccinations are not effective against the 2c strain (which is why we are seeing more and more customers with fully-vaccinated adult dogs still getting Parvo and, if they're not treated, dying), and your dog may even develop full-blown Parvo symptoms (especially if your dog was vaccinated after he's been infected, which is just about the worst thing you can ever do).
  • They have an adult dog, and everybody knows that Parvo only affects puppies. Sorry, wrong again! It is true that Parvo still infects puppies more than adults, but we have also observed, after dealing with over 850 cases of Parvo, that an increasing number of adult dogs are getting this virus too. If this sounds like a broken record, then we're not making any apologies, but vaccinations don't work like they used to – the 2c strain is simply too virulent and the vaccine manufacturers really haven't caught up with it yet (and that's not to mention the long-term health problems with all vaccinations, which most vets keep quiet about).
  • They take their dog to the vet's to have it tested, and the test comes back negative, so they do nothing. Reality check time again: the 2c strain of Parvo is well-known for generating a false-negative result, and this particularly applies to the in-clinic stool sample tests that are very popular these days. This is another example of how the medical profession has not caught up with the development of the Parvovirus – you think your dog is OK, when in fact he does have Parvo, and that leads to your doing nothing while the virus quietly launches its attack on your dog's body (mainly the immune system and his intestinal tract) for several days until, suddenly, you see symptoms.
  • They never take their dog outside, which means it won't get infected by the Parvo virus. Sorry to burst this balloon as well, but one of the most common reasons that dogs who are confined to living indoors all of the time get Parvo is because it is their owners (or breeders) who give it to them! Yes, you can walk this virus into your house without even knowing it (or transmit it via your hands or clothes). This is why we always suggest that people (including visitors) change their shoes whenever they go indoors.

So, given that there is a ton of bad advice and uninformed hearsay to be found, mainly on the Internet, of course, where can you go to get accurate and up-to-date information that you can use, knowing that, rather than harming your dog and making matters worse, it will actually increase his chances of surviving this most devastating of viruses?

This actually highlights another major issue to do with Parvo: many dog owners have never heard of Parvo (until their vet tells them that's why their dog is sick), which means they don't know what to look out for. Even more amazing, to us, is that we come across many breeders who know nothing about this virus either. It seems to us that this is basic information and knowledge that you must have if you're going to work in the doggie !

Well, you'll be glad to know that we have written a 100+ page ebook all about Parvo, called Parvo Treatment 101, that you can download to your computer in minutes – and the best part is that it's 100% free.

This is an excellent place to start, as it contains practically everything you need to know about this virus, including the symptoms to look out for, treatment options, and much more.

However, if your dog is already sick (i.e. a vet has confirmed that he has the Parvovirus, or he shows any of the classic symptoms, or even if you know he's been exposed within the past few days), then you don't have time to read this book now – you need to administer Parvo treatment as soon as possible, because there's one thing you don't have with this virus, and that is time. You can always read our free book later, once your dog is stabilized, or better.

We hope that you found this article both interesting and useful, and if it helps you save your dog's life, even better. However, we do have a load more information about Parvo treatment for you, which is in addition to what's in our free book.

We'd like to close by encouraging all dog owners to at least be educated about just how devastating this virus can be, and about the various treatment options (because contrary to popular opinion, you don't have to take your dog to the vet's and spend anywhere from $500 USD to over $10,000 USD, with a mere 50% success rate, because inexpensive, safe, effective Parvo home remedies are available), so please, if you know anybody with a dog, then do forward this article, and/or our free book, on to them – you just never know when they might might need it, and there's no better feeling than knowing that you've helped to save somebody's family from the excruciatingly painful death that the Canine Parvovirus often brings.

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