Five Benefits of Crate Training

The benefits of crate training make for a happier and healthier household. When a dog understands his boundaries, he can be more and loving towards the family he is part of. The owner will also benefit with loving obedient dog.

A Crate Makes Housebreaking Easier

Housebreaking your dog becomes considerably easier when crate training because no dog likes to soil where they sleep (dog cages). Confinement to a helps the dog gain better by associating going outside with the act of relieving themselves.

Generally, are den animals that like their place to be quiet and clean.  It is good to keep in mind that puppies need to go frequently, so limit their in the crate.

Destructive Behaviors Are Limited

It is natural for your dog to enjoy chewing.  They need to be taught what are acceptable things to chew on and prevent them from chewing on the wrong things, like , shoes, , etc. Consequently, your job is not to stop your dog from chewing, but provide the right things to chew on in the right place. By providing safe chew toys to your dog in his crate, you accomplish two things: you make the crate a to be in and you teach him what are the acceptable chew toys in the house.

A Crate Keeps Your Dog Safe from

A house contains hundreds of potentially lethal objects for your dog. If you let your dog roams freely in the house unsupervised, you are really asking for trouble and you unnecessarily put your dog in danger.  Your dog may not realize that chewing on electrical wires or eating plants or certain foods can potentially be dangerous.

Crate training your dog will bring you since your dog will be out of danger when you’re not around to supervise him.

A Crate Makes Car Rides Safer

A crate-trained dog will rest in his crate during a car drive and make the trip for you and him safer and more peaceful. Containment will eliminate some possible distractions if you have a very active dog.

Provides your dog a little safe space (security) where they retreat to when they are tired, not feeling well or want to be alone.

Do you ever notice dogs sleeping under tables or desks?  Naturally, dogs like small enclosed spaces in your home that may mimic a den.  Dog crates can serve as a great refuge and excellent dens your dog can hangout in.  Crates will also prepare your dog from some potentially stressful situations like going to the vet.

Crate training a dog is not only good for your dog – but also good for you. Do yourself and your dog a favor, buy a dog cage,  and start crate training him today!

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