Ways to Stop Dog Aggression

Known Methods to Stop Dog Aggression

There are many reasons that a dog might become aggressive toward other dogs.  Some dogs might get nervous or fearful around other dogs.In other cases the dog may strive to be the dominant dog.Under certain , the dog might be very aggressive since defending its territory is its priority.The dog can also be taught to be aggressive by it’s master rather than being socialized to the other dogs.  Some dogs might also be protective of their masters and become aggressive in this manner, as well as becoming aggressive sexually.


One way to stop dog aggression is to make sure that a dog is socialized as a to other animals.  Puppies should be allowed to play with other dogs that are mature and well behaved.  In this way, they learn the proper dog behavior from the older animals.The puppy will recognise that other dogs are okay.

Another way to stop dog aggression when a dog starts to become aggressive is to the issue immediately each time it happens.The dog should not be allowed to get away from this type of dangerous behavior.A head collar or can be effective while the dog is in training to stop dog aggression, but is not the solution to the problem.

A way to stop dog aggression is through strict training so that the dog is tuned into the instructions of the owner rather than focusing on the other animal.The dog should be trained to focus on the owner so that his attention is there and the owner can give a different command to the dog, such as ‘down’ or ‘sit’ while there is another dog around.The owner should also teach himself to control his feelings and behavior, as small as it might be, so that the dog does not take a nervous from the owner.This can help to stop dog aggression since the dog always takes its cue from it’s master.Once the dog has been trained to focus, the dog can also be distracted by being trained to look out for a treat when there is another dog around.  The treat can be thrown to the ground and the dog can be told to find it, thus distracting the dog from the other dog and stop the dog aggression before it starts.

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