Advantage of Crate Training

When done correctly, crate training benefits both your and you.  It will create a much happier household for all family members when you dog learns and understands his .

Housebreaking Will Be Much Easier

No dog enjoys resting in his own mess, therefore will tend to gain better bladder control when confined to dog cages.  This will make housebreaking easier when you then associate going outside with the act of relieving himself.

Dogs, being den animals,  generally like their place clean and quiet.  It is also to remember that puppies need to go more often, so do not keep them in the crate for a long period.

Destructive Behaviors Are Limited

Since your dog naturally love chewing on things, your job is to train him on .  Your will assist you in this job.  By providing acceptable chew toys in his crate, you dog will begin to learn the right things to chew on and in the right place.

A Crate Will Protect Your Dog From Household Dangers

Typically, a house contains many potentially for your dog.  You can be asking for trouble when you let your dog roam the house unsupervised.  Your dog may be tempted to chew on lethal objects like electrical wires or poisonous foods or plants.

By properly training your dog with his crate, you will have and your dog will stay away from potential dangerous objects.

Traveling in a Car Is Safer

Containment in a dog crate helps eliminate some possible distractions if you have a very active dog.  A crate trained dog makes your trip more peaceful as your dog rest contently in his crate.

Crates provides a for your dog when he is tired, not feeling well or just wants to be alone.

Do you ever notice dogs sleeping under tables or desks?  Naturally, dogs like small enclosed spaces in your home that may mimic a den.  Dog crates can serve as a great refuge and excellent dens your dog can hangout in.  Crates will also prepare your dog from some potentially stressful situations like going to the vet.

As you can see, crate training is beneficial for both your dog and you.  Start your crate training today, buy a dog cage, and reap the benefits.

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