Getting Your Dog To Stop Barking

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For those of you who are working on the best way to housebreak a puppy, barking can be tough. A constantly barking can be a huge nuisance.  It is challenging to learn how to stop your dog from barking, because there are any number of things that sets off constant barking.  Then, each breed is also unique. Figuring out what causes your dog to bark can help you figure out exactly how to teach your dog to control this behavior.

Some dog are just barkers.  It may seem like they live to bark.  Some people don’t mind a lot of dog barking, but it is annoying to many other people.  Try to remember that when bark they are using vocal cues and to try to communicate with humans or other dogs.  Don’t try to stop your dog from barking completely, just try to narrow the barking down to when it is essential for their communication.  

, research the type of dog you want before you get a dog.  Knowing the purpose of a will give you a lot of information about how much the dog may bark.  Don’t choose a dog bred for hunting or for stopping intruders.  

Once you get a dog, don’t let it teach you to respond to incessant barking.  If you get up and do what your dog wants just because it doesn’t stop barking, you are only rewarding the problem.  Respond to your dog once she quiets down.  This will train your dog to understand which behaviors will get her rewarded. Consider this before you buy a citronella dog collar.  

As we said, dogs communicate by barking, so allow them to bark.  When barking continues too long, however, reach out and gently claps the dog’s muzzle shut.  Keep your grasp firm, but gentle.  Do not hurt the dog.  It is likely that she will try to wriggle away from your grasp.  At this point, use your other hand to hold her gently, but firmly by the collar.  

Sometimes can figure out why their dog is barking and sometimes they cannot.  I thought we would never get our Bischon to stop barking at every little noise, so I had to get outside help.  You may think it’s odd to get help to stop your dog’s barking.  Actually, it isn’t uncommon for dog owners to get help.  I know because my dog no longer barks at every noise, day and night.

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