Essential Nutrients and Diet for your Dog

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In order that your dog grows properly and remains healthy, he needs access to certain vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients. They provide him with energy and help support his metabolism. They also contribute to the rebuilding of muscles that have become inflamed or stressed. Basically, nutrients are the major source of your dogs overall health.

The good news is that most of them can be found in high-quality dog foods that you can buy at nearly any pet supply store. There’s no need to prepare special meals, despite what many owners believe. Below, I’ll provide an overview of the most important nutrients that your pooch requires in order to stay healthy.  Proteins

are a component of proteins. Some of them are produced within your dog’s body, but most of them must be acquired by and plant products. These are important for processing the food intake into energy: active dogs need a regular supply. Chicken, turkey, fish, and many are great sources of protein.

Carbohydrates And Fiber

Carbohydrates – including fiber – are an important ingredient for the health of your dog’s tissues and intestinal tract. The key is fermentability. If it is too low, the fiber will not provide sufficient coverage of the intestines. On the other hand, if the fermentability is too high, the fiber can produce flatulence as well as mucus-related issues. Corn and soybeans are two food groups that will provide carbohydrates in your dogs diet.

Fats are leading factors of canine obesity. While it is true that fats can lead to excess weight gain in inactive dogs, they are also a potent source of energy (more so than proteins and carbohydrates). What’s more, fats are a critical component to the production of hormones in your canine.

Fatty acids are also important. They can help heal your pooch’s inflamed skin and protect him from dealing with a number of health issues (for example, inflammatory bowel disease).

Vitamins And Minerals

Vitamins and minerals are essential for your dog to absorb fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. They cannot be produced in sufficient amounts organically, so you must provide them in your canine’s diet. The key is to provide them in the proper amounts. An excess of vitamins can also lead to other health related problems. These are needed in addition to the minerals to contribute the most benefit. Commercial dog food is normally made with the proper ratios.


Of course, water is one of the most important nutrients; every living organism needs it. Your canine companion, in particular, must have a ready supply at all times. Even a small decrease in the percentage of water in his body can have long-lasting health impacts.

You’ll notice that each of the nutrients above is necessary for humans just as they are essential for dogs. Make sure your canine has access to them every day. As noted, you don’t need to prepare special meals for him. A high-grade commercial dog food will contain everything he needs except water. Keep you dog healthy and happy.

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