Quickest Ways Of Potty Training Puppies

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There are lots of reasons that many people just love to own puppies. Some people want them for companionship, others for protection or perhaps for income, but whatever their intentions are for owning one, potty training puppies is one of the most important things an owner needs to learn .

Well if you are a first timer or just beginning to parent a cute and adorable puppy, you need not to worry. Potty training a puppy is one of the most challenging jobs, indeed; however, it does not have to be as complicated or traumatic as what you expect it to be. These are some of the quickest ways to housetrain your puppy successfully:

Establish a potty spot - it makes no matter whether you leash, crate, indoor, or outdoor train your dog, you will have to pick a specific spot and remain consistent where you want her or him to go potty. Some people use a , a pee pad, or a news paper for indoor and/or crate training, while a specific location in the yard would be ideal for out of doors or . Make sure to introduce that spot to him with supervision and make him use it in a regular routine until he gets familiar with it.

Using commands or trigger words - as most puppies have instincts to learn and obey to a command, it's most important to be consistent when selecting a phrase or word when you want it to do something. Like young , young puppies will have to listen and learn your language before they will understand and do things. Do not mixup pups with difficult commands, instead, use terms that are short and easy to recognize like "go poop" or "go potty" if you want them to.

Keep your puppy on a schedule- this is the key to potty training puppies success. Aside from feeding or playing with him on a certain time, you also have to create a schedule when you need to take him out to "do it" on a daily basis. Puppies that are very young may have the need to go outside around every 30 minutes in the daytime as their ability to feel the need to do their has not developed yet. Nevertheless, you can train them to become sensitive and accustomed to a schedule, as they grow older.

Do not scold them- they are like babies that often make mistakes so you always have to be patient in potty training puppies. If they missed or made an accident, be gentle enough to say "no-no" and try again. Reward your puppy for a job weel done - once your puppy finally succeeds, try to use words and/or phrases like "good boy," "good girl," or "very good" to praise him/her or treat him/her with a treat to let your puppy know it is being rewarded for a job well done. Don't forget, puppies are smart by nature so praising and rewarding them just might be a good way to encourage them to keep to a routine.

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