Beagle Puppy Care for the First Time Beagle Owner

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There are few things in life that are cuter than a puppy, with his , inquisitive eyes and a tail that always seems to be in motion. Those cute pups can be quite a handful however, so it is important to arm yourself with information about proper beagle puppy training before you bring your new addition home. Fortunately, there are many great resources that can give you the basics of beagle puppy care, from your veterinarian to your local library, and even on the Internet.

Beagles originated somewhere around 200 AD, when they were bred in Great Britain for hunting small animals. They were brought over to the United States shortly after this nation was founded, and the first beagles to set paws in this country came from some of the finest hunting packs in England. These dogs come in a variety of shades and patterns, with black, tan and white being the most common color combination. However, you might also see beagles in shades of grey, red or even blue hues.

Beagle Puppy Care Basics

Beagles are natural born “chasers” so it is important as part of your beagle puppy care to have a that will keep your pup safely confined. When your dog is out of his yard, it is very important for him to be on a leash at all times so he does not take off on you. Beagles are by nature, so another part of your beagle puppy care will be to play with your pup frequently, and offer plenty of attention and affection. If you train your beagle pup , he will most likely become an excellent family dog that will get along with children and other dogs alike.

Beagles are fairly intelligent dogs, and will house train as easily as most other breeds. The key to successful dog training will mainly lie with you, and will require consistency and patience until your puppy gets the hang of knowing where to potty. is a good place to start with many dogs, since this tool will give your pup a secure place to sleep at night, as well as the opportunity for you to help him develop gradual bladder control.

Many veterinarians and breeders will recommend obedience classes as part of your beagle puppy care. These courses will teach you how to train your dog to be an obedient and acceptable member of your family. You can find obedience classes through your veterinarian, breeder or local pet store.

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