The Gentle Basset Hound – Cherished By Families Everywhere

The Wonderful Hound is a Medium/Large dog that weighs anywhere between 45-75 pounds. Their height usually being 11″ to 15″. The Basset Hound is long and low and their height/weight ratio makes their already look even shorter. In fact, their name comes from the French word “bas” which means low.

They are without doubt one of the most loving, patient and you could hope for which is one of the reasons they fit so well into family life. Coupled with their of smell and instints you will also find them great hunting companions.

Recognized by the American Kennel Club (AKC) in 1885, the usual for the Basset Hound are a variety of hound colors, but they are typically white with chestnut or sand colored markings. The fairly dense coat is short, straight, hard and lovely and smooth to the touch. Basset Hound grooming is easy and only requires brushing and shampooing every now and then.

This loving, dog is ideal for family life. They are excellent and patient with small children, even if normal day to day life does not include children. They are affectionate with their family and love to be around them. Other dogs are never a problem for and neither are pets, although it is usually a good idea to introduce them to other pets in the home because they might chase them due to their hunting instincts.

Basset love nothing more than around the house just relaxing, which makes them an ideal dog if you live in an apartment. They are more active outdoors and require regular play, exercise and time to run. If you don’t have a garden, then it’s important to make sure they are taken for a walk on a daily basis. They are fairly easy to train, but if they are on the trail of a scent, they will not pay any attention to you. That’s why it is important to have your yard fenced in. Keep an eye on how much they eat as they can put on the extra pounds quite easily so giving them ample exercise is important.

The Basset Hound originated in France and dates back hundreds of years. Their ancestry can be traced back to the Bloodhound. Originally used as hunting dogs, the Basset Hound uses its excellent sense of smell to track animals. Even though they can still be used for hunting, they are seen more as companion dogs today.

You would be hard pushed to find many dog breeds to match a Basset Hound for it’s gentleness and laid back attitude. They are perfect for active families and for those that just enjoy an occasional walk provided their Basset Hound can have daily outside time.

It doesn’t matter if you have toddlers, young children or other household pets, the wonderfull Basset Hound fits perfectly in to any home.

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